Kelli’s Blue Ridge Beauty in Black and White

After I showed Kelli’s Blue Ridge Beauty in the quilt machine on Monday, I have gotten a couple emails requesting to see the whole quilt….

Here it is.   The color from the camera isn’t the best.  When the bride to be, who she’s making the quilt for, requested a black and white quilt, Kelli wasn’t super excited but decided to give the requested black and white fabric a traditional twist.

She had leftover scraps from when she made this…


Karl’s graduation quilt so that helped fray some costs and helped use up her black and white scraps.

The pattern Kelli used for the first quilt, Blue Ridge Beauty, can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s book, Adventures with Leaders & Enders: Make More Quilts in Less Time!.

Here’s another snap shot of it.

The wind was making picture taking a task.  It needs a binding yet.  She’s planning on just a solid black binding…

I have my own “Blue Ridge Beauty” in progress.  Right now I have the center of the quilt finished.  Now I just need fabric for the border.  I’ve been through my fabric and don’t have any so next time I am out and about, I plan to pick up some fabric.

If you are looking for a good quilt pattern…this is a good one!

7 thoughts on “Kelli’s Blue Ridge Beauty in Black and White”

  1. Awesome! You two are so productive! I did this pattern too, but in yellows and blues I had collected. Didn’t realize I had collected so many until I was able to make a pair of these for twin beds…..opps.

  2. I LOVE the black and white version! My son and daughter-in-law have requested a black and white quilt so maybe I’ll give this a try! Thank you Jo and Kelli!

  3. Very nice! I need to start a black and white collection of fabric. I need to use up a bit more of what I have first though. I’ m thinking black and white with a nice bright pink or lime green accent.

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