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A post from Kelli–

Two weekends ago, I was talking to mom on the phone.  We were talking about shelving for the closet in her sewing room.  She was wanting new shelves and we had seen some when we had stopped in Minnesota, but she couldn’t remember what store it was at.  After a little bit of talking, we decided to make a go of it (And she told me we could go get drinks at McDonalds).

On our way down, we stopped at Merry’s Stitchins in Jesup.  I had never been there and I was sure glad that we stopped.  One of the things that I’ve wanted to work on is trying new things, so I decided to go full bore!  I found this super cute bag pattern and picked up a few sets of fabrics and some zippers.  Yes you heard that right–The pattern called for zippers and I still was going to try and make it.

I got home and started reading the pattern on Sunday.  After digging for a good hour or so, I remembered that I had thrown out the fusible fleece that I had bought some time ago for a different bag project.  I decided to do a bit of improvising and used some spray adhesive and warm and natural that I had on hand.  Before long, I had this–

Isn’t the fabric cute?  I love the little dogs on there.  And before I knew it–Waalaa!

In total it took maybe an hour or so…and that was mostly becasue I didn’t really know what I was doing as I had never really sewn anything with a zipper.  The only thing that I didn’t really like about the pattern is the way that the lining on the inside is unfinished….So I spent a bit of time looking around on pinterest….

And after checking out a few tutorials (including this one– I had made this little one!

I have had the fabric from some bags I made a long time ago, but still had some scraps of.  I like this one a bit more because the lining is separate from the outside which allows the lining to have a more complete finished edge.  This one was a bit quicker too, mostly because I had learned how to do the zipper which has always been my previous hangup.

Then I got to thinking (which does happen on occasion) and I’m considering maybe making and selling a few.  Not that a full time job, part time job, and very involved hobby doesn’t keep me busy enough…So this is my question to you all–Have you ever used Etsy or something similar?  I would be tweaking the bags a bit yet so it would be my own pattern.  How much would you pay for a smaller bag?  What is your advice?  I don’t have anything set in stone yet…Just looking for some input!

And as far as the bag thing goes in the title–I’m not necessarily, but don’t ask Jason as my dishwasher has been broke for quite some time and he keeps saying that he’s going to fix it which he finally did today, but he wasn’t too happy about it.

11 thoughts on “Kelli the Bag….Making Lady!”

  1. I have this pattern and have made two sets of bags and used ric Rac to trim. I’d send pics if that worked. I thought these directions were really good.

  2. Your bags look great, hope you continue to make more of them. I have put zippers in clothing so they don’t frighten me anymore. Glad your dishwasher is now fixed :)

  3. My granddaughter loves Etsy. That’s probably your target audience rather than the old quilter like me (although I do need that aqua fabric with the pug on it!). I have no idea what to charge. But lots of thoughts… if you add a small strap, it would make a cute little purse and that would add $10 (at least) to the cost. Great job!

  4. Craftsy has a few free classes (they’re short), including one on zippered bags. It might give you a few tips on zippers. Erin over at Dog Under My Desk sells really nice bag patterns, and her zipper instructions are fabulous. Also, Erin allows you to sell what you make from her patterns. You might want to check hem out. Sorry, but, I have no experience with etsy.

  5. My hat’s off to you Kellie for sewing something with a zipper in it. I just can’t make any thing with a zipper in it! My Mother could walk me through putting a zipper into anything, but since she has passed I just can not do anything with a zipper in it. I would go out of my way back when I made clothing to make sure a pattern didn’t call for a zipper before I would buy it. I’m sorry but everything I’ve seen on Etsy sights have always been too much out of my price range to purchase. Perhaps yours will be a welcomed difference. Best of luck to you.

  6. Be careful there are not any copyright issues with the patterns you use and if it is for personal use only. I think Etsy is a good place, but the fees can be cumbersome if you don’t price it right plus the shipping. Good luck with your adventure.

  7. Congrats on your finished product ! Your cutting may looks well used. I recently saw a hint for restoring them. It is to soak them over nite in tub. Will rejuvenate them. However I don’t have a tub, my hint is too generously water spray them every nite when done sewing. I couldn’t believe good they felt the next morning . It really works. I have no idea what mats
    are made of , but the water really works to heal them. Your friend, Micki

  8. Your bags are very cute! I would not recommend selling bags on Etsy. I know someone who tried and the bag market is over saturated there. Local craft shows may be a better option! Good luck!

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