Kelli Salad Recipe

After I wrote the Thanksgiving post about our family, blog reader Carol asked, “Who did the cooking?”

Well, we all did a little bit.  We’re really good at splitting up the tasks.  Buck got a turkey frier and he did the turkey and a ham.  Both were REALLY good.  He did the ham in the instant pot.  I highly recommend giving that a try as it was awesome.

Lora made the cheesy potatoes, sweet potatoes, and stuffing.  I made deviled eggs and I made two pumpkin pies.   Karl brought drinks.  Kayla brought all the goodies for a charcuterie tray.  Kalissa brought green bean casserole and a cherry cheesecake.  Kelli brought bacon cheeseburger dip and two salads.

When we get together we all know the drill.  This is pretty standard.  Kelli is known for always bringing some type of dip.  Kalissa always brings the green bean casserole.  I’m always pies and deviled eggs.

Here Kelli is with the salads.  She always makes orange fluff…ALWAYS.  This time around she made a new, Cowboy Pasta Salad.

Kelli had sent me some pictures of her and Georgie making the salad…Once the salad was done, Georgie had no patience to wait and just picked up her spoon…

…and gave it a try.

Eli was the supervisor of the whole operation.

The salad was really good.  I told Kelli after she made it that she really didn’t have to make two salads.  She said, “I know.  I like salads though and can’t really make them at home as Jason doesn’t eat them.  If I bring them here I know at least part of them will get gone.”  Good point.  I feel that way about salads too.

HERE is a link to the recipe for The Best Cowboy Pasta.  It really was good.

6 thoughts on “Kelli Salad Recipe”

  1. Sounds like your family has a good division of who fixes their dishes. The salad sounds delicious and so cute to see Kelli’s helper. Always fun to see the little kiddos – such cuties!

  2. and the recipe has an option for creating the recipe for the number one needs and i did not have to hope I would remember to change all the items. thus avoiding enough salt for 16.


  3. The salad will get made for our next big gathering, looks easy and will travel well. We also share the food cooking when we gather since there are 6 kids and we all like to eat.

  4. I’ve made Orange Fluff for over 45 years. It was my dads favorite. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas. A huge bowl of orange fluff. Now it’s my daughter’s and grandaughters favorite. The tradition carries on.

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