Kelli…it’s not a mistake!

A couple months ago my daughter Kelli saw an idea over at Moda Bake Shop and decided to give it a try.  It was for a Turning Corners Table Runner.  Well….somehow, a corner got turned the wrong way and ooops…UGH!…no table runner.   We tried, she tried….we all tried to get the blocks to twist into something new but no luck.  The blocks were banished to a dark corner until last night when Kelli resurrected them into this….

It’s going to be a little boy baby quilt.  She isn’t sure if she want to add more borders yet but for now, it has moved over into the success category!

2 thoughts on “Kelli…it’s not a mistake!”

  1. Cute! What a great success! It could be a little boy quilt, or it could be a really cool Independence Day wall hanging. If it were mine, I’d use leftover red strips (if there are any) and simply bind it in scappy bias bindings. Fun times! Regardless, what an awesome quilt!

  2. You know, I never would have noticed the wonky triangle…I really had to look and look for it! But it will be great for a baby…I’d tell a story like “this one is different than all the rest because you are a special baby”…something to make it memorable! Cute, though….Good job!

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