Kelli Goes to Arizona—Trading Posts!

A post from Kelli–

I’m working on a short series of posts summarizing all of the fun I had on my recent trip to Arizona.

After seeing the Grand Canyon, we headed up to Tuba City, Arizona.  After a really long day of sightseeing and car traveling, a nice supper and a good sleep was needed by all.  We had another big day ahead of us with a couple stops and sights to see.

The next morning, we had breakfast at the restraunt next door–And it was amazing!  We all were so full we could have probably split half the food we ended up ordering and been full.  We then walked next door to checkout the Native American Museum next door.  There was a section about the Navajo code talkers with I found really intersting.  They also had exhibits and informtaion about their creation story.  It was interesting to see the similarities between their beliefs and mine.

Next, we went next door to the trading post.  Grandma Lois was on the lookout for a turquoise ring, so that’s what we were searching for.  When we got there, they had tons of really neat rugs and pottery too. And of course other t-shirt type souveniers.

My favorite thing that I found was this little pinch pot.

Pot 1 (300x400) (2)

I think that my favorite part about my little pot was that whomever made it put their initials in the bottom.  And I thought it was just plain cute.

As you can see, there are tons of wonderful things at this little trading post!

Trading Post 3 (300x400) (300x400)


Unfortunately, this trading post didn’t have any rings that fit what Grandma Lois was looking for, so we knew there was one closer, so we headed out to see what we could find.

At the next stop, we hit the jackpot on the rings.  We found one for Grandma Lois and for my mother-in-law Renee.  While they were looking at rings, I was checking out their weaving looms and beautiful rugs.

Trading Post 5 (300x400) (300x400)

How neat is this?  I could have just sat there and watched someone work on that for hours.  While they were pretty expensive, it was easy to see the wonderful workmanship and talent that went into making one.

Trading Post 2 (300x400) (300x400)

This little frame showed many of the different plants that were used to dye the wool that was used in making the rungs.

Trading Post 1 (300x400) (300x400)

Aren’t they just gorgeous?  While I don’t think that rug making of this level is in my future, it was very neat to see the intricateness and the talent that goes into maing them.

I also found this little guy–

Trading Post 4 (300x400) (300x400)

It’s just a mini-loom!  After checking everything out at the trading posts, we were headed back to Glendale for the evening to get everything ready to fly out the next morning.  We had a long drive back and lots to do, so I was happy to grab a few ZZZZ’s on our 6 or so hour drive.

Stay tuned to see where we stayed in Glenville.  Needless to say, you will likely be flabberghasted!  I sure was!

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