Keeping the Doctors in Business

Our family has been doing their part in keeping the doctors in business.

Tuesday Scotty went in and had his adenoids and tonsils taken out and tubes put in his ears.

He was too slow and sore to be out and about for the funeral on Wednesday.  His Grandma Driver was so good and came and stayed with him so Lora, Buck and Lucy could make it.

Scotty has been plagued with getting strep all the time.  He gets it year round…and then spreads it to Lucy.  It was time for those tonsils of his to be gone!

Georgia had her first “feeling sick” trip to the doctor.  Kelli and I had gone to the wake on Tuesday night and Georgia had a miserable night.  She has slept through the night consistently since she was two month old.  She did not at all overnight on Tuesday.  I had her at childcare during the day on Monday and Tuesday and she wasn’t quite herself but she’s at the teething age so I explained it away by that.

By Wednesday she was worse…not eating normal.  Then at the graveside service, we got out of the truck and walked to the spot.  Kelli held Georgia up to give her the “do you have a poopy diaper once over” only to discover she had pooped down her leg.  Kelli immediately went to the truck to change her only to discover there was poop in her carseat and all down Kelli’s dress.  Do Kelli brought a cleaned up Georgia to me and went back to the truck and changed her clothes in broad daylight at the cemetery.  She was completely blocked from family seeing her but UGH.

Then Kelli came back, the service was almost over by now.  Then we looked at Georgia and realized she had a small red rash all over her.  It was then that we decided to leave and get her to Urgent Care.  There were to many things that were suspicious to not take her.

She was not a happy camper.  See??
Well last week, Kelli’s diaper bag and wallet were stolen out of her car that was sitting in my driveway (yes we had to deal with that lately too)…and she didn’t have an insurance card replacement yet so…we couldn’t go to the doctor in Cedar Rapids.  Instead we drove home and Kelli took Georgia to the Urgent Care in the hospital who already has Georgia’s information on file.

It turns out she has ear infection in both ears.  She had hard wax they needed to clean out too.  This is exactly the way Kelli was as a kid.  For Georgia to only be six months old and already having ear infections, it’s not a good sign.

I’m doing my share keeping the doctors in business too.  Today at 3:15, I’ll be having a needle biopsy done in Lacrosse.  They will be taking a sampling of the lymph nodes that are suspicious in my neck and testing them to see if they are cancerous.  The doctors think it is cancerous but until they test, they don’t know for sure.  There is a little problem…the mosts suspicious and largest lymph node is behind my trachea and the invention radiologists who do the procedure can’t get to that one- so only the small ones in the front cam be tested. So if the little ones up front come back negative, then there were several discussions on how or if the node behind my trachea can be tested.  Nothing is ever easy…I’m starting to believe that God is trying to grow some patience in me.

It seems that I am never a textbook case.  So this cancer hunt might take a few detours before we get to the bottom of where and how serious it is.  You all will have to learn patience with me!!  HA!

I’m so thankful the kiddos are dealing with small normal things.  It would be so much worse if it was them dealing with my bigger more serious stuff….that it’s me, I am truly thankful.

Results will be in early next week…Monday or Tuesday and then I learn the what’s next.  It’s a step at a time with all of this.

Thank you so much for the thoughts, prayers and the many cards that have been starting to show up my mailbox.  You guys are so sweet to me.

Sidenote:  Gannon is going to the doctor today too.  We’re wondering if his ear infection is back.  UGH.  We need a break.

17 thoughts on “Keeping the Doctors in Business”

  1. Yes nothing seems to be easy and simple. But God has a plan and I’ve been told a sense of humor so keep that in mind. As for tracking down the cancer I’m a text book foot note. Breast cancer stage IV but still have yet to find the cancer in the breasts. Yep MIA those little or big nuggets. So I just smile and say next test please. Then I tell everyone to smile because it makes everyone wonder what you are up to. Glad the littles are being taken care of. Hope Scotty and Georgia are well on the road to recovery.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  2. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Kids seem to be getting sick a lot more these days. Hardly a day goes by when one of Steph’s kids are not sick. I’d say school but they’re homeschooled. Ugh. Yes, always something. And now with seasonal change coming up, allergies start to kick in – guess it never stops.
    Love and prayers

  3. Today is doctor day in NYC. I’m getting several imaging studies redone, then a consultation. It seems that at 58, I have a congenital heart problem. Except that my problem is hiding from the doctors. Very frustrating. Hope the kids feel better and good luck with your biopsy.

  4. Jo, Sorry to hear of all the Dr. visits – Praying for you today – needles do not seem pleasant at all. It is good that we have Drs. who can figure all the hard things out. What a week.

  5. I’m hoping everyone gets some good answers from all those doctors and you have a healthy family for awhile. When it rains it pours, but enough already.

  6. I’ll be praying that they find answers and you have a plan of attack. You got this girl! You are one strong woman even though you might have some doubts at times. God sends help when you need it. He definitely is in charge so go with the flow.

    Hope all the Grandbabies get well soon! Tough for the adults in their life to work and take care of a sick child. But the weekend is coming and time to regroup, rest and recoup. Both of my kids had tubes at or before 1 yr. Lauren even got an ear infection right after she had tubes. Things did get better and your grandkids will too! Side note when they got to school age they rarely got sick. Hope things settle into a normal rhythm for all of you! I’ll pray for peace to surround you and your family!

  7. I truly do not know how you do it. Your positive outlook is so inspiring. We’ve had what seems like our share of troubles lately, but when I was telling my husband about some of your problems the other day, he said it sounds like those folks never get a break. He asked me how I can continue to read about all your heartaches and I said it’s because she keeps going in spite of it all and her attitude gives me a lift and the encouragement to do the same. So thank you again for sharing your life with us. And may your future hold more good than bad. Good luck with your biopsy.

  8. Do hope that the grand kids will be well soon. Praying that the doctors can successfully locate and determine the best way to treat your cancer.

  9. Praying for you and your family. It is hard when the little ones are sick. Keep believing God has His reasons. Don’t pray for patience. It may be what God is already trying to get you to learn maybe or maybe not. Keep the faith.

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