Kayla’s Vintage Sheet Quilt

Kayla, our number two daughter, was home for a visit before her summer college classes start.  She has been busy on her break sewing….Here’s a cutie baby quilt she made out of vintage sheets.
You can’t see it the best in the photo….You can bop on over to her blog to check out her blog entry about the quilt.  She did a LOT of work fussy cutting.   We put the quilt in the quilt machine, only to find out that she wished she would have quilted it with her actual sewing machine.  Kayla found she prefers the clean straight line quilting look.  We ended up finishing it up anyway…. now she knows what style of quilting she likes for her vintage sheet quilts.

Unfortunately, that’s what happens sometimes.  We think one look is what we want only to find that it isn’t.  It’s true with life and with quilting too.  Thankfully we all have the chance to try again, or rip out our trials and start over. Kayla brought home another cute vintage sheet quilt she made and it’s gorgeous too….you’ll have to keep checking her blog to see when she posts about it…It’s all half square triangles and totally cute.

I am off to get some work done….I didn’t get yesterday’s Quilt of Valor challenge finished, started….but not finished, so I am going to have double duty today.  But….no quilting until the work around here is finished!  UGH!  Well….not finished per say…maybe just a good start to it all.  The sewing machine is CALLING.

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