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Over the weekend wasn’t feeling well so Kayla has been so sweet and took the initiative to write a few blog posts for me.  I so appreciate it.  No worries…I am feeling better now.  The meds I told you about in yesterday’s post are really doing the trick.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and messages.  It’s so appreciated-as is Kayla!!  Now here’s Kayla…

At the beginning of Advent, I joked in an Instagram post that Jesus’ arrival would be a true miracle, as he was truly lost. Does anyone else hide Baby Jesus until Christmas morning?

Not to worry, I have several others. I thought I’d show them off, as we didn’t host any holiday guests this year.

First is Jasper’s Star from Afar set. It comes with a simple book explaining each item. It shares a game to play throughout Advent, but that could work with any set. Parents hide the star piece around the home. The children find it and bring their wise men to sit with the star. Eventually, the star shows the wise men to the rest of the nativity set.

Jasper also has a Little People set which is hard to find, but that he was gifted by a blog reader. (Thanks again!) I have looked for them in the past and think they come in different versions: One is an Advent calendar and one has just the “main characters.” He loves this set and it goes nicely with his favorite movie, The Star, which is told from the perspective of animals.

This sweet little set still had the $.25 sticker on the bottom. It was such a find! Christmas for me is so much about family traditions, which for me means Scandinavian influences. This set looks right at home among Dala horses. It’s tiny and fits in the kitchen windowsill of my small home.

My treasure is my Jim Shore set. Spencer gave it to me for our first dating anniversary, 14 years ago now. 

There is some artistic license taken, definitely, as Baby Jesus is wrapped in a beautiful quilt, and check out that rose applique on Mary’s sleeves! But again, for me, Christmas is about family, and family to me means cozy quilts. 

I imagine I will live in a bigger house one day and it will be very hard to not have a set on every flat surface. I’ll be back again to share my Christmas ornaments when I take them down for Epiphany. Many of them are mini-nativities.

13 thoughts on “Kayla’s Nativity Sets”

  1. love everything Jim Shore. I have given his pieces as gifts different years but have only one item myself.
    I am so impressed with your taking the time to help Jasper with these parts of the Christmas story.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Oh the joy you receive when you teach your babies about Chrstmas. With all the fun of telling and acting out the story. My oldest sister always tucked baby Jesus somewhere in her living room until Christmas eve. Another would set up her nativity scene and put the shepherds on one side under the tree and the Manger and all somewhere else with the Wiseman still in the living room but as far away as she could get them every day or so they would be moved a little closer. Great fun for her children and now grandchildren. It was fun to go over to her house to see their progress.

  3. When my nieces are two I’ve gotten them their first nativities. My 5 yo I found a sweet resin. Set in Oriental trading co. For my younger niece this year I found this really great wooden set in a fold out case. She loves it and her mom says she gets up and pulls out the figures and Carrie’s the baby around. It is extremely durable and well made. I told her the story when I gave it to her using the figures. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KWD6B9V/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_tab_ap_asin_title

  4. You certainly have a good start to a collection of nativities. I had quite the collection myself and since I do not have the space to display them anymore, I’ve started downsizing them. I sent one to grandson and his wife, a few to thrift store, but still have more than a dozen of varying sizes, etc. I’ve never had a Jim Shore, but I really like the one you have with quilts!

  5. Great post, Kayla! It inspired me to go on eBay and buy the Star from Afar nativity set for the family of a daughter of a dear friend of mine. The daughter had posted on Facebook about a cute thing she did this year with her three girls (ages 3,6, and 8). It is called “Santa’s Lost Button” and comes with a note from Santa asking the child to help find it. Those kinds of traditions are really special.

  6. When our grandchildren have gotten their own home, we get them a Nativity. I will confess, they’ve all been bought second hand so I’m always on the look out at garage sales, etc. Then we donate the stable and we make a new stable with date inscribed on the bottom.

  7. I found the Fischer price little people nativity set at Christian book .com. Love all the sets that Spencer has. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with him.

  8. thank-you for sharing your Christmas story. Please remember the first Santa was St Nicholas. There is room for Santa along with Baby Jesus. My family did small gifts in the Santa’s Stockings then the family’s gifts under the tree. Happy New Year.

  9. Thank you for sharing! I collect nativities and set them up all over my house at Christmas. I, also, buy a nativity set for each grandchild’s 1st Christmas, one they can play with so they can learn about the Christmas story. One family just had their 8th child so I am always on the lookout for new ones!

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