Kayla and Jo Sew!

Last week was so fun!  I thought I wouldn’t get a stitch of sewing done but I actually did….LOTS.

Kayla came on Tuesday night after I we had come home from my doctor appointments at Mayo Clinic.  Read about that here if you missed it.

Show and tell kicked in…don’t you love the cute afgan Kayla made???

I love this one even more!

Kayla was debating if this was okay for a boy.  I sure think it is.

After that, it was on to sewing.  Kayla has had a long term project of making a Texas Braid (Bonnie Hunter pattern) for her mother-in-law.  It uses a lot of the fabrics that Kayla inherited from that side of the family.

My Kayla is an ironer and perfectionist when it comes to quilting.  She had been so frustrated with her quilt as she would sew on a piece and then jump up and iron it.  She felt like it was taking for forever to finish a quilt.  Well a bit ago I did a blog post on making braids the lazy (EASY) way…and she followed my advice.  (read that post here if you missed it)  My ironing crazy daughter gave up ironing and got the braids done!  I’m so proud of her!!

One of the reasons she brought the quilt here to finish is because she wanted me to cut the edges off of the braids.  I get it…I was nervous to cut mine too but honesty….it’s not hard.

Here she is with them all lined up and ready to sew.  Having the quilting machine to lay this over is fabulous.
Kayla did get her quilt top sewn together and then she was on to other things.  A friend of ours had dropped off lots of fabric and some fabric came in from blog readers.  Kelli and I had sorted through it.  I saved a pile back that Kayla might like for her classroom.  For those of you who don’t know, Kayla is a Family Consumer Science teacher.  (Home Ec).  She regularly teaches sewing classes to her students.

Kayla sorted through and then asked if I thought it was okay if I she kept a couple fabric pieces for herself.  I was sure no one minded so just like that, she was off and cutting….

She LOVES fussy cutting…me, NOT!

Later she sewed the pieces together to make new scenes….
Aren’t they cute??
So now she’s on the hunt for pictorial fabric that she can fussy cut.  It’s cute but too fussy for me to make myself.

While Kayla was sewing on her braids, I finished up my churn dash quilt.  It had been sitting in my UFO pile….ever since retreat in August it’s needed one more row of blocks all the way around.  I had made the blocks and then it sat as I did other projects.  I added a border to it too.  You’ll have to wait to see what I did.  I love that quilt…love it a lot!!

I also did some sewing on my block of the month.  The outside triangles have been my leader and ender….they are sewn now.

I also finished my Tulip Fields quilt.  I showed you that in Monday’s post but here’s a look at that again….(more pictures on Monday’s post)

In between sewing, Kayla grabbed up knitting needles.  She’s working on a sweater.  I think she’s going to love it.  Currently she’s second guessing herself but if completely looks like a Kayla-esque sweater.

While she was doing that, I started pulling fabrics from the big scrap bag a blog reader sent me.  This time I was pulling reds and creams.  I think I’m going to make Bonnie Hunter’s new quilt Hunter’s Star.  I need something that will be a new leader and ender and the triangles for the blocks would be perfect.

Back at the sewing machine, Kayla started piecing these quilt blocks together.  Her students made these bulls eye blocks as part their school project.    There were enough blocks for three…first boy one….

Second boy one….
And a girl version.
Kayla HIGHLY recommends making these with kiddos.  It really was a good “next step” project to get kids to slow down and learn to handle curves.

She left the three school quilts with me to quilt.  We have Lucy’s birthday party next weekend.  Plans are for me to see Kayla then so I want to get them loaded and working on them right away.

That was the sewing we accomplished in between the family and Thanksgiving festivities.  It was a super week…I hope we can do it again sometime soon.

15 thoughts on “Kayla and Jo Sew!”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    I like Kayla’s fussy cut pictorial quilt. I would have run sashing between the pictures to make it look like a photo album. I really enjoy how or daughters work together to get things done. More power to all of you.

  2. That plus sign afghan is a stunner, and she’s knitting a sweater, and fussy cutting, and she loves to iron. A girl after my own heart lol

  3. I love the bullseye quilts! I bought a book one time with that quilt on the front to make it. Haven’t yet, but some day. I like Kayla’s plus afghan too. She is so “tute” too. Just like her mama.

  4. Jealous! I could use some hard core sewing time and with someone else would be even better! Snow coming for the weekend, may mean staying home and sewing all weekend!

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