Kayla and Jasper

With Covid, I am not seeing the grandkids that live further away very often.  It’s a bit sad for me and I often feel like I am missing so much.  Thankfully Kayla has been great with sending pictures and face timing with Jasper.

Being Jasper hasn’t been on the blog much I thought I would share some pictures and things Kayla has been sending.  It makes this grandma’s heart happy to see them.

Here he is with canning jar rings.  First came this picture….

Then came this video… of him playing with the rings….You can push play to watch the video.

Then one day she sent this picture.  It’s of Spencer.

Shortly after, this picture came of Jasper.  Don’t they look alike?  I’ve thought it all along.  Kayla is just starting to see it.

He’s pulling himself up and walking along the furniture now…Again, push play.

This year for Christmas I bought 25 books for Jasper.  I wrapped them all.  Every day of advent, he gets to open one book.

This was the first video they sent…You can see he needs lots of help with the unwrapping.

A few days later they sent this video.  He’s getting the idea of unwrapping.

Then she posted this video to Facebook.  It is the most hilarious video ever.  If you need a laugh, this is sure to give you one!  It’s totally precious.

Isn’t that the funniest.  You all will have to bookmark this page and when you’re feeling down, pull it up, watch the video again.  It might be just what you need.

I am so blessed to have Kayla sharing these videos with me.  It helps me feel in touch and still part of his life even though I don’t often see him.  I think it’s been since the end of September.  No Grandma wants that.  So I can regularly see the grandkids is reason alone why I am so willing and wanting a Covid vaccine.  I’m super thankful the doctor said it was okay to have it.

I am excited that I am going to see this little fellow after Christmas.  He’s coming to play for a couple of days and I can’t wait!!

25 thoughts on “Kayla and Jasper”

  1. That giggle! Jo, thanks for sharing the videos of your lovely grandson, what a great way to start the day on a giggle haha :)

  2. That video of him laughing at torn paper is wonderful! Something tells me you’re going to have that front and center on your computer!
    Grandparenting and distance don’t go together well, do they? One family is a two day drive from us and the other 2 hours. Sigh.
    Love and prayers

  3. Those videos are so sweet! Is there anything better than when they get laughing like that?!?! Enjoy your time with them at Christmas!

  4. That last video played completely through without stopping!! During the first ones the video would stop over and over, but the sound would continue. I once visited a friend for the day and her daughter and friend spent FOUR hours looking at and listening to videos of Babies Laughing! Jasper’s last video would certainly have been on that playlist!! Thank you!!

  5. What a cutie! Great way to stay in touch with Kayla’s family. I am going to steal your book advent idea in the event that we have grandchildren. So glad that you are getting some Grandma time with this little one!

  6. Jasper is a daring baby. I am glad Kayla keeps you in the loop. Grandbabies grow up so fast. Merry Christmas Jo, may our new year bring you heath and joy.

  7. We all had to learn Snapchat to get videos and pics of our great-niece. Totally worth it; we feel like we see her all the time, even if she doesn’t know who we are right off the bat when she sees us. Isn’t technology wonderful?!?!?!

  8. Hi Jo!
    Thanks for sharing this, a baby’s giggles are just the best thing in the whole world.
    Merry Christmas to you and your whole family!

  9. What a treat for all of us!!! My littlest Grand is now 6 years old, so I was thrilled to hear baby laughter again! Thank you! Hugs to all of you & Merry Christmas,

  10. I love the giggles! My son was 18 months old on the 4th of July, and he giggled like that when we would throw those little snappers down. Everyone got the biggest kick out of it. I think baby giggles can make anyone smile. :)

  11. Baby giggles are the best. I joined FB 11 years ago after my first granddaughter was born. They only live 40 minutes away but i felt like I was missing out. Videos and pictures were being posted and I couldn’t always go for a visit. FB doe keep us connected.

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