Kayla and Jasper are in the House!!

Over the weekend I had a visit from Kayla, my daughter, and her son Jasper. All that means more kids and family were here too. Whenever someone is coming I let my other kids know so cousin time can happen.

Kayla ended up coming on Friday. I had thought she was coming around lunchtime but Jasper woke up and was ready to leave so they left and came my way early.

Kayla came bearing gifts. She had been out walking their dog Bruce and at the end of someone’s driveway they have a free box and these African Violet pots were there with a free sign. Kayla took them for me. I was so happy to get them!! I have some plants that are ready to transplant so it was wonderful timing.

These pots often go for $25 each. Free was PERFECT for me!!

We decided to go to town. I didn’t have a lot of kid-friendly food here so we got some things and took Jasper to see the fish at the Fish Hatchery. You might remember a week or two ago, I took my daughter Kalissa’s kids there to meet up with daughter Kelli and her kids.

Jasper just loved feeding the fish. I don’t think he’s gone to the Hatchery before. The weather was just perfect for it!!

We stopped a the Mexican Food Truck that we love, Lesly’s. I got Kayla to try the new Augua de Pina. It’s wonderful!!

That evening Kalissa stopped by on her way to work and handed off two tacos. She tried a new recipe and oh my word!! They were top ten. Here’s Kayla trying hers.

If you can’t tell, we are a foodie family. We love all things food related. We love trying new food. We love making new food. We love eating new food.

My friend Gloria and Gaylen stopped by. They are the ones that made me the bird feeder holder. Gaylen was picking up his clamps and they were going out to eat to celebrate their anniversary. They ended up coming in and visiting. Kayla hadn’t met them yet so it was nice for them to get to know Kayla too. I just love the two of them. Jerry my foster does too!! I think if he didn’t have a home lined up, the two of them just might adopt him.

After they left I decided to take Jasper out and fill the bird feeders. As I was passing the egressed window I heard a single cheep. I had heard that cheap earlier in the day when I was in the kitchen doing dishes. I started to wonder if maybe there was a bird in distress.

I looked down the egressed window but didn’t see anything. Then I said something to Kayla and she looked. She did see something. That black oval in the middle of the picture is a bird.

Kayla climbed down the ladder with a box and cookie sheet. She captured the bird in the box and handed it up to me.

Then I took the cookie sheet off the box and let the bird out. Away he went. He was a young one and didn’t have enough space in the egressed window area to get some room for take off.

That evening we walked to check on Karl’s house. He was away and then we walked to the park. Jasper wanted to play with the digger but his little arms couldn’t quite muster it so Kayla helped.

The next day was supposed to be cousin day. Kalissa’s kids ended up sick so it was just Jasper and Kelli’s kids Georgia, Eli, and Emmett with Jasper. Oh, those kids played and played and played outside. It was the PERFECT day for it.

Kayla spent a lot of time pushing Eli and Emmett. Thankfully Georgie learned to pump.

It’s terribly dry here. Look at my poor grass.

The kids decided they wanted to “do my hair”.

Just as I was all “cute” and “decorated”, my friend Barb came over. She had been to visit her granddaughter and she is about 3-4 years older than Georgia. Her granddaughter was sorting through things and getting rid of things. She has an obsession with unicorn/horse things as Georgie does. Barb asked her daughter if she could give the things to Georgia. She said yes, so Barb delivered them. Georgie was thrilled.

I forgot to get a picture but the thing she was most excited about was this unicorn pillow nightlight. You can find it HERE on Amazon. The kids took it in my bathroom because the room doesn’t have a window and can be completely dark. They turned it on and just squealed. They loved it so much. Georgie announced that she will now sleep in her own bed all the time now as long as she has this unicorn pillow nightlight. We’ll see. If she does, I wouldn’t doubt Kelli buys a second one just in case this one gets lost. Georgie is notorious for not sleeping in her own bed…thus Kelli and Jason don’t sleep the best either.

Eli and Emmett and starting to get bad about sleeping in their beds too. I ended up sending Kelli THIS Amazon link as they had dinosaurs and other animal versions of the same toy. Maybe the boys need one too!!

That evening Kayla and I were pooped so we sat down and stitched. Kayla has a wonder glasses case. She doesn’t use it for glasses though. She keeps it with her crochet.

Right now she is making these cute little granny squares. Down the road, she’s hoping they will be made into a lightweight sweater.

Kayla and Jasper stayed overnight Saturday night.

Then Sunday morning Kalissa’s boys were feeling better so they came over for an hour or two before Kayla left.

Then that afternoon I was off to Carver’s ball game. It was a fun weekend….that extended into Monday but more about that in another blog post. I am so thankful that my kids come and visit. I just love that.

8 thoughts on “Kayla and Jasper are in the House!!”

  1. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Love to see these cousin days! Great for the kids, great for their parents as siblings, and so wonderful for you. Great picture of Kayla with the kids’ binoculars!

  2. More fun! How great the kids love being outside and the swings are the greatest. Our grass is almost like yours which I call “August grass.” I always like hearing about your different foods because my family is also a foodie family. We like cooking, baking, and trying new foods. Great fun!

  3. My grands are all grown up so I enjoy reading about your young ones.

    On a side note, your post about quilt tops is again a mass of computer code with words interspersed. I use a desktop comptuer and Google Chrome.

  4. Just adding a little info to your computer issue – maybe it will help? Yesterday this post was all gibberish. This morning, it was fine. I’m using a windows laptop and chrome.

  5. Kayla is looking like she might be getting a handle on her allergies. I see others are also having gibberish.

  6. I think your outdoor play set is the best ‘thrifty’ find you’ve ever had! It looks fantastic! What a great weekend you had with the grandkids.

  7. Jo- your posts are coming through all garbled again- they were fine for a while and the latest two (after this one) have come through that way again.

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