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Karl got home on Sunday afternoon. He made the trek from Houston to Des Moines on Saturday.  He left Saturday morning at 10:30 and drove and drove and drove.  He said he stopped for gas and coffee a couple times…and pizza but the rest was all drive time.  He got to Des Moines in 2am.  He has some high school friends there that he could crash at.

He was up and at ’em in the morning and made the final trek home.  It sure is nice that he has friends there and can crash.  I was hoping he might get a hotel in Kansas City but nope.  Karl is my tight wad and didn’t want to part with the money.  That’s okay..as long as he’s safe driving.  I don’t think I would be…but he’s young.

I was upstairs sewing when I heard Ruby barking and acting wild.  That’s how I knew he was home.

The first thing Karl said to me is that he wanted to sew.  WHAT??  He wanted a case that he could put his deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste in.  In my mind I was thinking “oh, you want a makeup bag”-but I didn’t say that outloud.  Then I got thinking how silly that I don’t see bags marketed for guys for this very purpose.  They have all sorts of girl makeup bags but guys want to keep their things together too…why not bags for guys??

So my mind went into a momentary panic.  People think that because I can sew, I can sew anything.  Not true.  I can likely sew whatever it is BUT, I like to have a pattern to at least kind of follow.  My mind ran through every book I had and came up with this this book….Stitch & Sew by Aneela Hoey.

I figured we could make the bag and not do the embroidery.

I started to explain to Karl where fabric was that he could choose from when Karl showed me some fabric and asked if it would work.  Apparently he had been to Wal-Mart and bought a fabric that matched the fabric from his old khaki pants that he had destructed.  (yes I told you Karl was frugal)…He picked his khaki fabric for the lining.

Check it out….The fabric REALLY is his khaki pants!!

We read the pattern and I put Karl to task.  Karl completely knows how to run a sewing machine which makes projects like this do-able.  

The robe in the mid afternoon is VERY Karl as well.  He came with two baskets of ALL COMPLETELY DIRTY LAUNDRY.  He had nothing to wear except his robe.  He’s a very single 26 year old!!  How does he not make you smile??

About 45 minutes later he had his bag!!  I helped him read the pattern and double checked what he did before he did it but other than that, he did it all on his own.

…and Karl being his silly self had to do a silly pose.

This all happened within the first couple hours that he was home.

Karl was so impressed with how easy this bag was that he wants to make another…and another.  He’s thinking a laptop bag might be next.  I’ll keep you posted.

The fun has begun…Oh I love when he’s home!!  I have him for a week..and then back to Texas he goes.  Time always flies by too fast….I’m trying really hard to not think about that live in the moment he’s here.  I’m sure all you with children that live a distance away can relate to that.

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  1. I’ve bought my son a couple of ditty bags for his toothbrush, Etc. They’re usually black or camo colored. They’re shaped more like a rectangular box with the zipper across the top. I look at patterns and think I should make it but I haven’t done so yet. Good for Carl! I’m so impressed. He even put in a zipper!

  2. I used sewcanshe free patterns to make my teen grandson one with Arizona Cardinals fabric and it is used all the time when he stays over at my house! Enjoy your son while he’s there!

  3. I love your Carl! Reminds me of my son! How is his first year teaching going? I’m hoping he comes HOME when he hears from IA districts he’s applied to. Possibly emailing them he’s interested? ( I love ALL your kids and entire family!) Happy 2019,

  4. I would call a bag like that a “toiletry kit.” That’s what I usually call mine, too, since I use it for the toiletries I need to travel and I don’t tend to use makeup. :)

    I like that he wanted to do it rather than saying, “Mom, can you make me a…?”

  5. How fun! I know you love having Karl home!
    I think I’ll have my dd show this post to my grandson. We got the girls a sewing machine for Christmas and said he ought to learn too. His look was priceless!

  6. Funny, my son who lives in Des Moines came home to Corpus Christi TX for Christmas and just left for Des Moines this morning. We sure have a lot in common you and I. More than you realize. I love being a secret part of your family through stories about our kids to seeing things, although I will never be at the level that you are but your teaching me so many things. Thank you Jo!
    Jeri in chilly South Texas

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