Karl and Ruby

Our son Karl is home on break from college and is being so helpful taking Ruby on walks, cleaning, doing laundry and the like.  He’s a great helper.  In between jobs he’s been playing a little some X-box video games.  He loves this chair and Ruby loves hanging out with him.

Today Ruby has herself positioned in an odd way…her front legs are hanging down between the foot rest and the chair.  Karl didn’t put her that way…she did it herself.

It’s been nice having him home again.   Karl is my calm kid and takes days as they come even if it includes cooking and cleaning.

5 thoughts on “Karl and Ruby”

  1. Our kids and our dogs! What would our life be without them? Boring and sad! Thursday night I go pick my oldest up from the airport. He is flying in for 9 days of fun and family time! I have cooked and put food in the freezer so I don’t have to waste family time doing that. We have too mauch planned to have time to cook or even go out to eat. We have games to play, movies to watch, stories to tell and maybe even a little bribery to get him to move closer to home.
    I tell you this stage of life where the kids get to move out and become adults, and live country is not for the weak of heart!

  2. You should see our recliner when one of us and ALL FOUR of our little Shih Tzu are jockeying for position! It might tip over one day. Karl is sure a ruggedly handsome young man!

  3. Jenelle Boxberger

    It’s so fun to see how Ruby had adapted to your whole family. Lookes like she thinks she the queen of the place. Too stinkin’ cute.

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