Kalissa’s Thrifty Find

Last week Kalissa finished up last nursing exam for the semester and had the afternoon free.  She asked if there was something I needed help with (Love that girl!)…I said, “How about I pay for the gas and you do my errands?”  She said, “Perfect!”  Well I thought the deal was perfect too.  I could stay home and work..and my errands could get done!

I little while later I got a text message.  It said… $5 and had this picture.

Ah…that girl of mine was thrift shopping…and look what she found!  I LOVE the canister set.  I’ve been trying to refrain and not buy much..party because of the big expenses with the house and partly because I don’t want to move anything else but mostly because I realize I just don’t need all this STUFF!!!

But look at those canisters!!  Think the vintage look I want in the kitchen….Think my antique cabinet and butcher block.  YES I WANT THEM!!!!

These are worth the $5…worth having to move them and worth getting rid of some other STUFF in order to make room for them.  I just love them….and can’t wait to get them up in the new house.

6 thoughts on “Kalissa’s Thrifty Find”

  1. My Grandma had a very similar set of canisters. Hers were more in brown towns, and not so colorful. I think they may have come from Sears. I wonder what happened to those canisters, and wish I had them today.

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