Kalissa’s Table

You might remember me telling you that Kalissa bought a table at the thrift store.  (Post here if you missed it)

Here’s a little reminder picture.


It had paint on it and was a little beat up.  Nothing horrible….but an easy fix for Hubby.


She wanted the table to photograph her Lularoe things.

Here it is finished.  It’s at her house but she hadn’t dusted it off yet when I snapped the picture.


It’s home is not in Kalissa’s basement.  She wanted to test it out and see how it would work for laying her Lularoe clothes out….pretty good….


Then she tried an outfit.

Previous to this she was photographing many things on the floor.  That meant a lot of time was spent getting up and down.  So often she’d think she had everything and would sit down only to find she forgot something.  Then would be back up and back down.  This is so nice.  The table is low enough so she doesn’t have to bend over super far position the clothing and that she is still tall enough to still be able to take a picture.

Then laughingly she said- “Hey wait!  Let me layout on the table like I did when we first bought the table.”  Then clumsily she half laid and half fell across the table wrenching her back.  Then said, “Um…Mom.  I think you’re going to have to help me get up.  I just learned I’m not as young as I used to be.”


We both laughed and laughed.  In fact we laughed and made so much commotion that Craig came down to see if we were okay….what a goofy girl!!

She loves the table….perfect for what she needed.

After that we went upstairs to talk to the guys.  Carver was hanging with Hubby and intensely watching Kalissa play with Betsy.  He was giggling and bouncing.  It was the cutest.

The table turned out great.  We’ve glad Kalissa is happy with it and glad we got to see everyone so happy….what a goofy bunch!!




6 thoughts on “Kalissa’s Table”

  1. Wow! I messed that post. Hope you understood. I liked the table. I’m not on FB. I wondered if there was another way to order? Thanks, Jean

    1. Yes. You can order from her. The thing with LuLaroe is this. She doesn’t always know what she is getting for stock…. You can find her group here. She only does sales twice a month or so. If you follow her Facebook group, you can see when they are. I’ll do a blog post about it coming up.

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