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Kalissa was over the other day and asked me to take pictures for her.  She printed t-shirts with new designs and was wanting photos so she could put them in her shop.

She said I take better pictures than Craig does.  HA!!  I don’t know if that was a compliment or not.

I think many of you are going to love her new shirt…me, I love it!

After I took the picture she said, “Hey, do you have a quilt that would look good with this color?”  I said I did and told her where to find it.

Doesn’t the picture look fab?  I just love the display of the quilt laying out on the T-shirt.  For those of you who are curious, the quilt is my Scrap Crystals quilt. You can read more about it HERE.  It’s a Bonnie Hunter quilt and can be found in her book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.

But back to the shirt…I love it!  I’m going to need one. I love the blue color too.

Kalissa wants to do a shirt each season.  In the spring she did “Bloom Where you’re planted”.  Now the summer shirt is… “Sunshine State of Mind”.

While Kalissa was getting shirts printed she decided to honor a request of several people.  She had the “Less Bitchin’ More Stitchin'” shirt printed in a V-neck.  She is willing to take special requests as long as the people are willing to wait until she is ordering again.  These V-necks are now in stock but in a very limited supply. If you order ANY Less Bitchin’ More Stitchin’ shirt – crew neck or V neck – you can a free project bag with your order!

Someone requested a 5XL shirt.  That can probably happen too but please note the t-shirt costs Kalissa more as it’s a larger size so she would have to pass that cost on to the person buying the shirt.  Kalissa really does want to work with people.

Here we are showing off the new shirts.  I’m no model so please imagine the shirt on a body with the curves in the right place!!  HA!!

Kalissa and I just like to show you what we’re up to.  If anyone wants a shirt you can find them on her Etsy shop which is HERE.  If you have a question for her, you can find her contact info there too.

Kalissa and I want to thank everyone for their suggestions when we did the last post about shirts.  As a treat for one of you, we plan to give away two shirts.  One will be given away here on the blog and one on my Instagram account.  You’ll get to pick an in-stock shirt of your choice.  So leave a comment here and tell us which is your favorite shirt from the shop.  That’s the one you will win.  That’s all you have to do to be entered.  Then go find my Instagram account @jos_joscountryjunction and enter to win there too!!

Here’s a note from Kalissa:


If you are a repeat customer, use PINK10 for 10% off of your order!

As always, free shipping on orders over $35!

Any Less Bitchin’ More Stitchin’ shirt ordered comes with a FREE project bag!

All orders are packaged with love, BY ME – not some big warehouse somewhere. You are truly supporting me and my small business and my desire to grow a business to allow me to spend more time at home with my boys.

I’ve got a blog post up live here going into detail on the designs and my inspiration! http://www.thepinkshoelaces.com/sunshine-state-of-mind/

104 thoughts on “Kalissa’s Newest”

    1. Jeanne A. Serven

      I love the blue one too! They are such nice shirts. I’ve already bought one and I’m thinking of a couple more to purchase as well. Thanks for all you do for us quilters! We love both of you. Have a great day!


      PS Jo, you’re the first person I’ve met that spells their name the same as me! How unique we are!

      1. YES!! Very few people ever spell Jeanne as we do. When I find someone I always think of them as a kindred spirit!!

  1. I love the new blue one. Beautiful color! And the phrase is so appropriate for our times! We all should be “peacemakers” or piecemakers! Good luck with your business. And thank you for the chance to win. Love you blog, Jo~ Helen

  2. I love the ” blessed are the piecemakers”! I actually have that saying in wood over my sewing machine!

  3. I love them and wish Kalissa the best with her small business! I think my favorite is “blessed are the piecemakers”

  4. OK, I really like the Less Bitchin’ More Stitchin’ shirt but I hated to say it out loud since it sounds like I do counted cross stitch. I don’t. My kind of stitchin’ involves a Bernina and a heavy duty gas pedal. There. I’ve said it out loud and it feels good.

  5. Christine Currie

    Great ideas, Kalissa. My favourite shirt is Blessed are the piecemakers. And the blue is such a pretty colour.

  6. I love your new shirts and the colors are so pretty.
    I’m thinking I need to order one. I love to wear tee shirts.

  7. I love your new t-shirt “blessed are the piecemakers” . Thanks for the chance to win a t-shirt.

  8. Love the Blessed are the Piecemakers!
    Yeah for you and Kalissa. I read both your blogs–started when you and Roger had just purchased the house.

    1. I just found you and am excited to get to know you! I’m sorry you lost your sweetheart. I hope to support you so you can be with your boys, how old are they? You look so young! I’m disabled and on a pretty tight budget but I am a quilter so often don’t resist!

      1. Hey Jenni! My Mom is Jo – Jo’s Country Junction. Her husband/my dad is the one who passed away! I’m the one with the two little boys! You can find my at thepinkshoelaces.com Thanks for reading!

  9. Erena Rieflin

    I like the Blessed are the Piecemakers shirt. Beautiful color. Wish you success with your business.

  10. Vicky in Bama

    Got my Blessed are the Piecemakers. Love the color and the saying. I loved the Spring shirt. I even recieved a compliment from my physical therapist about how soft it is. A win/win. Less Bitchin more Stitchin is the one I want that I don’t have. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. You look so cute,Jo! That popped into my head before you said you’re no model. You both look great and keepin’ it real!

  12. I love the less bitchin and the Piecemakers one, but since I’d be more limited in where I could wear the bitchin (schools tend to frown on curse words) and my quilt group is the Piecemakers, I’d choose it!

  13. I love all of her shirts, but I really like the color and the saying on Blessed are the Piecemakers!

  14. Kristine Goplen's

    I love them all. I saw one one that said something like ” only Fun grandmas are still riding in their 70’s.”
    Looking for one next year for sure.

  15. What a great side business for Kalissa! I really like the “Blessed are the Piecemakers” and the blue colored shirt it comes on! That shirt looks fantastic on your Scrap Crystals quilt! Love it! HUGS… and stitches

  16. Less bitchen, more stichen is pretty much the I roll. All are very nice good luck in growing your business

  17. LaNan Eldridge

    Your shirts are cute! I really like the blue color and the piece maker saying. Thanks for the opportunity of possibly winning a shirt!

  18. It’s a toss up between Blessed are the Piecemakers and Bloom where you are planted. If forced to choose, I’d like to win the Bloom shirt. Thanks for sharing the new designs and for the opportunity to win!

  19. I love the “Blessed are the Piecemakers” the most. Sunshine state of mind is a very close second, though!

  20. Definitely “blessed are the piecemakers” is my favourite because our local comfort quilt group is known as the “piecemakers”. Another quilting group I run with is named the “loose threads” would love that on a T.

  21. My pastor is doing a series of sermons on the Beatitudes, so I definitely like the the Piecemakers shirt!

  22. Blessed are the Piecemakers is beautiful for this Grandma who cares for grandkids whose Mom finishes up teaching this year tomorrow which means I get to sew!

  23. Kalissa is so cute! Love that she is so enthusiastic about her tshirt business. She has great designs. My favorite is the v neck Less Bitchin shirt.

  24. Sandy Narayan

    Kalissa is so cute! Love that she is so enthusiastic about her tshirt business. She has great designs. My favorite is the v neck Less Bitchin shirt.

  25. I chose the “bless the piecemakers” as my fav however the antiques one also fits me to a tee! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  26. Kristina Wilkinson

    I really like the “Blessed are the Piecemakers” one. The color is so pretty! You two are great together. You make a great team. K-

  27. Very cute ideas for all the shirts but my favorite is Blessed be the Piecmakers. Lovet the play on words and the color is very appealing to my eyes. Good luck with your small business.

  28. LOVE Kalissa’s shirts! She’s talented like her mama!! Our quilt guild is “Piecemakers” so would purchase in a blink….if there were v-neck options. Anymore the regular necks bother, but really find the v-neck most comfortable. Thanks!

  29. While I really like Kalissa’s new quilt shirt, I absolutely LOVE her new Summer shirt with the retro vibe!!! Unfortunately, I just did a bit of a closet cleanout and realized that I’m not currently in the market for another casual t-shirt. Thanks for offering a chance to win one (as I’d love nothing more than to add one to my collection!!)

  30. “Blessed Are the Peacemakers” is terrific! It would be perfect for those in our church’s little quilting group!

  31. Love the blue “blessed are the piecemakers”! Thanks for the giveaway, and blessings on your future endeavors with your shop — you should do very well!

  32. LuAnn Martinson

    I love “Blessed are the Piecemakers”. Blue is my favorite color and especially like this shade of blue.

  33. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

    I just purchased Less Bitchin’ so I would have to say Blessed are the Piecemakers is my next favorite. Thanks!

  34. I am ancient and slow and trying to participate ( with a lot of help from friends) in the Community Garden for the first time, so I fell like the pink “Bloom Where You Are Planted” would be appropriate for me. It is a hard decision, though, because I really like all of them.

  35. Sandy Bouta-Kill

    I have just recently started following your blog and love it! You are so real and your caring and sharing personality is so refreshing!! I love your daughter’s t-shirts. The latest, Blessed are the Piecemakers is in my favorite color. I look forward to your new posts.

  36. Jo. I love your blog. I ran across it after the huge wind storm hit the midwest. I’m a Missouri girl transplanted in Texas. You helped me understand what the farmers and folks up North were facing. Since that day’ I read of your life and feel like I’m back on the farm in MO. Thank you! Your quilting is an inspiration as is the charity work you and all the other quilters do. I love your daughters shirt Blessed are the Piecemakers!

  37. Love the new designs. Go Kalissa, Go! These days I need the Less Bitchin’ more Stitchin’ shirt. Asking for a “Blessed” for my birthday.

  38. I love the new blue shirt…Blessed are the Piecemakers! Nice blue color, and looks great on your quilt.

  39. Love the blue Blessed are the Piecemakers shirt.
    Jo, where are your jeans shorts from? The length is great!

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