Kalissa’s Birthday

Kalissa’s birthday is today.  She had plans to hang out with Craig and the kids so on Friday afternoon I decided I’d help Carver plan a birthday surprise for her.  Of course Kalissa kind of knew what we were doing.  It’s hard to get a three year old to not tell a secret.

So before Carver came I made a homemade angel food cake from scratch.  When she was a kid, Kalissa’s favorite cake was angel food so I thought what the heck…it’s been a long time since I made one from scratch, I’ve give it a try.

I LOVE baking things that from scratch and I LOVE baking things that are a challenge.  The angel food cake I made was both…from scratch and a bit of a challenge.

Over the years I’ve had many failed attempts at homemade angel food cake.  Then after watching a Youtube video I finally figured it out.  Here is the link to my recipe.

I made the cake in the afternoon…then went walking with my friend.  The plan was the Kalissa and family to come to my house when I was done walking then we’d send Kalissa to pick up take out and Carver and I would jump into action putting up the decorations and getting the cake finished.

And that’s what happened….Here are our silly decorations….
Carver insisted the cake needed sprinkles.  So here he is putting them on the cake.
Then we had to “do the recipe” and make the strawberries to put on the angel food cake.

I took the tops off of the strawberries and Carver chopped them.  Then he put in the sugar and stirred them.  
He was so proud of himself.  He was a hard worker (around here being a hard worker is the highest of praise).

When Mommy and Daddy got back with the food we yelled, “Surprise!  Happy Birthday!!”

Carver was pretty proud of himself.  He ate his supper up quick and immediately asked for cake.  He had to wait while the adults finished eating but then it was time to put the candles in the cake.  He arranged them like this….

…and then it was time to sing Happy Birthday.  He did so good.  Gannon loved the lit candles.

It was super fun to see Carver so excited about the whole event.  Kalissa thought it was cute too.

We aren’t a family that’s big into birthdays.  In fact, this was more than we often do.  It’s Kalissa’s 25th birthday.  25 years ago I gave birth to my last baby….funny thing is, that baby never completely grew up.  She’s still my baby and always will be.  I’m so glad that she doesn’t mind being called the baby in fact, she wears the banner of being the youngest pretty boldly.

It’s hard to think, in 25 more years, she’ll be 50.  I really hope I’m here to see it and being it will be her 50th, I hope there is a little more fanfare.

15 thoughts on “Kalissa’s Birthday”

  1. Sue Stringfellow

    My birthday today also- but, I am 40 years older than Kalissa! Had a nice day- drove to a friend’s nursery to get a hanging basket, went out to lunch with my honey and came home to flowers in a vase that my oldest daughter left on the porch! A nice day all around!

  2. Happy Birthday, Kalissa! Looks fantastic!
    My birthday is today (the 16th). My dh made me a pan of brownies with extra chocolate chips.

  3. Felicia Hamlin

    Happy Birthday, Kalissa, may you enjoy s long life. I think is sweet and cute what your mom and Carver did.

  4. Ahh, this was such a great celebration. It’s especially nice that Carver was involved in the planning and preparing. We all know kids love birthdays. There’s nothing better than a made from scratch angel food cake!

  5. Mary Ann Mettler

    Nice cake – my kids always had angel food cake for their birthdays. I usually put the 7 min. fluffy frosting on top (which usually takes more than 7 min. to make). Nice celebration! Happy Birthday Kalissa!

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  7. Love your square pan…don’t see too many of them these days, But I was fortunate enough to inherit the one my mother-in-law had! Square angel foods live on!

  8. SusanfromKentucky

    Happy Birthday, Kalissa!
    That angel food cake looks yummy. My mother-in-law always put chocolate icing on her angel food cakes. I had never had that before meeting my husband. I always had to make them that way for him. I usually just eat them plain.
    Such a cute picture of Kalissa and Gannon. You can tell he was amazed at the candles!

  9. Happy Birthday Kalissa! wishing you many more happy birthdays and a great year ahead. I haven’t made a homemade angel food cake in ages, yours looks great.

  10. Angie in SoCal

    My daughter is my first born, but I always think of her as my baby. She just turned 49. You are creating such wonderful memories for Carver. What a wonderful mother and grandmother you are. Blessings,

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