Kalissa’s Baby and Cast Update

Saturday morning I got a call from Kalissa asking me if I was up for another run….you know me, I can’t resist a chance to go to a garage sale.  Of course I said yes.

She had a friend who was having a garage sale and already had plans to pick up an end table there so the first stop was iced coffee at McDonalds.


Kalissa has been a great help to me over the past weeks.  With my cast I haven’t been going places myself.  I technically can drive but I can’t manipulate my scooter once I do get in vehicle I can’t deal with my scooter.  It’s annoying but my family has been great…super helpful, patient and VERY understanding.  Kalissa, being she lives the closest has taken on the brunt of my extra care.  I am SO-SO thankful for her.  She doesn’t complain or hesitate a drop.

Garage saling wasn’t very successful.  We ended up stopping at the thrift store and we bought several goodie toy bags.  We came home and sorted them out…some for the childcare kids and some for her baby.


She stopped at the chiropractor while we were in town and got adjusted.  The chiropractor thinks Kalissa is ready to go…baby is down and ready.  I know Kalissa is ready.  Her first due date was September 29th.  Then they moved it the 26th of September.  Then she’s had two extra ultrasounds because she was measuring big or had jumped in weight.  Those ultra sounds said the 19th and 18th were a more accurate date.  So who knows when the new little one will arrive.  I being the pessimist of the bunch and know what it’s like to go over keep telling her October 1st.  She doesn’t like to hear that…to be honest, I don’t like saying it either but as I said, I know what it’s like to go over.

Both her and I are anticipating the upcoming weeks….her with the baby and me with the removal of my cast.

My next appointment for my cast is Friday the 16th.  I can’t wait.  I am so eager to feel a little more free.  If all goes well I’ll be healing as expected and can move on to a walking cast.  I’m hoping I’m not disappointed with be upgrade in movement.  I expect anywhere from 1-4 weeks with that and then it will be time to see if all of this was worth the surgery.  I sure hope so.

Kalissa and I laughed and joked along the way.  I told her – no more Saturdays for with a cast….I’d tell her six more sleeps and I’m cast free.  Then we both got thinking….our next outing out together might be scooter-less and it might involve a baby car seat.  Both of us LOVED that idea.

Big changes are on the way….

6 thoughts on “Kalissa’s Baby and Cast Update”

  1. So excited for you and your daughter Kalissa. Have followed your blog for awhile now, maybe commented a few times, but we will be grandmorhers together. My daughter is 39.5 today, she’s over it, can’t blame her, I was questioning twins from 4 months,lol. Look forward to hearing your Grandma news!

  2. Becoming a mom for the first time is a truly amazing experience, but even more amazing is becoming a grandma for the first time. It is such a humbling, heart-full-to-bursting feeling. Good luck to both you and Kalissa.

  3. I was an Ob/gyn nurse and a visiting nurse for pregnant and new mothers in an intercity clinic for YEARS.
    I can tell you Kalissa that if your cervix is ‘ripe’ and there is a cold or LOW PRESSURE system coming through. Have sex and lay down for at least 20 min…….I know not the format for sharing that….. but it works. if it doesn’t email me!
    tried and true method

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