Kalissa Update

While I was laid up and on the couch I got a call from Kalissa.  She was at her prenatal doctor appointment and the doc was a little concerned.  She had been measuring on target and all of a sudden this week she measured 4 weeeks bigger.  UGH.  He was concerned enough that he decided that it would be best if an ultrasound was done.

I felt awful that I couldn’t go and go and be there but Kelli was free and she went to be there with Kalissa.

All things turned out okay.  She’s got a big boy already…a 5 pounder and she still has weeks to go.  With his that big already we’re all really hoping that she doesn’t go over her due date.

Kalissa called me and told me all was well.  That was a huge relief, but then I got another call from her.

She was in town and was at the fabric store.  WHAT??  At the time I was taking pain meds and thought maybe, just possibly, I heard her wrong.  Kalissa is our non sewing/quilting daughter so to hear that she was at the quilt shop was more than a little weird.

I asked, “Where are you?”.  She assured me that I had heard her right and that she was at the quilt shop.  She was there on a minky hunt.  A few weeks ago the two of us had been at a different quilt shop and we had bought a panel for a baby quilt that she wanted to sew.  Now she wanted backing and minky was her choice.  She wanted to know how much she needed.  I got up found the panel, looked at he measurements and told her 2 5/8.

I went back to the couch and later she came to my house package laden.  First off she had iced coffee.  I’ve become a real fan of it!


Next she had ultrasound pictures of the baby….


Next she showed me the minky that she bought.  She said, “I hope they gave me the right amount.  I told them that you said to ask for 2 5/8 but I don’t know what that means.”  She said the ladies all laughed and told her it meant YARDS of fabric.

Then she found some cute printed fabric for those light weight receiving blankets that are the rage.  She said that she plans to hem them….this also was shocking for me.  Even if she doesn’t end up doing it…she at least had a thought that she might.  (there might be hope to get her to sew yet)


Then she brought me a little gift.  I’ve been collecting the little knitted free trade puppets that the local health food store carries.  This was a cute little goat to add to my collection.


Last up she showed me this knit fabric.  Hmm…knit fabric?  She was talking to a friend and she made more or less infinity type scarves with them.  Then they are used to cover and nursing baby.  I don’t know quite how they work but it appears I am going to be learning….

I’m so glad all is well with the baby.

Seeing the purchases was fun…watching Kalissa grow and contemplate sewing was fun…the iced coffee and the goat puppet, lots of fun.  BUT nothing beats the report that baby is fine.

It’s amazing how attached a person can become to babe that isn’t even here yet…also amazing is the changes he’s bringing to his momma.  I love watching them both grow.

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  1. Love this post on so many levels! Happy the baby is doing well and his momma is looking great and WANTS to sew!! Super happy to see all the treasures she brought over to show you and all her plans for them. Enjoy your iced coffee but mostly enjoy the visit.

  2. Yahoo for growing baby boys! They are my favorite (ok, only) kind. . .or the only kind I have. . .but they are all big boys now! I miss that snuggly, baby phase, but am MORE than happy to WAIT for grandbabies. . .YEARS from now!

  3. I have 3 sons – no girls here – and now I have 3 grandsons and one more boy on the way for sure… but all 3 DILs are pregnant right now and the other 2 have both decided to wait to see if they get a boy or girl! Boys are the best! (Of course – I have no reference for girls lol). I am so glad all is well with Kalissa.

  4. It’s so nice to hear that both mom and baby are doing well. If you think you are attached to the grand baby now, just wait until the first time you actually hold him–it feels like your heart is so full it could burst! And there’s nothing like a new baby to make the young ladies want to start sewing.

  5. Nothing more fun than watching your children become parents ! And do all those things that they swore THEY would never do to their children. The first time my daughter said to her girls “that is inappropriate” I about fell over. WHEN did she learn that word? lol

  6. I just held my newborn grandson this evening; not even 24 hours old yet. It is awesome!!! Keep on healing, don’t push your recovery. You definitely want to be recovered by September. Blessings, Gretchen

  7. When people ask how I can love a God I can’t see I point out that we love our babies and grandbabies before we can see them! What a blessing! Continuing to pray all goes well for mom and baby. And that you’ll take it easy and heal completely.

  8. LOGHT wt blankets? more info on that please. My mom (30-40 yrs ago) made me BB sheets because my girls were born in the summer or were baby;s in the summer. Just a yd of fabric hemmed. And what’s w the infinity scarf for nursing? more info please.
    She looks really good!

  9. Good news, Good news! as Sheriff Roscoe used to say on Dukes of Hazard. We are adding a Pink one to our Family. Got the ultrasound pictures yesterday. So excited, I can really relate to how you feel.

  10. The infinity scarves for babies are called Moby Wraps. Here’s an excellent tutorial on how to make one. They are super easy–no pattern necessary.

    The lightweight blankets are usually called swaddle blankets. They are usually made of very lightweight gauze fabric, which comes in so many colors and patterns now! We usually make them square, so if your fabric is 60″ wide, then buy 1-2/3 yds of fabric and either put binding on the edge or just hem it. I’ve seen some really cute ones that people have just serged the edges! Great idea if you have a serger. You want them large to “swaddle” the newborns.

    We have 5 grandkids and the youngest is 2 now. Bet you couldn’t tell! ;)

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