Kalissa “Sews”

Of all my girls, my 14 year old daughter Kalissa is the least likely to sew.  But last week, she did a little bit of “sewing”.
Check out what she “made”….
She didn’t exactly make her top, she refashioned it and is VERY proud of her accomplishments.

We were used store shopping and she saw this dress on the “new clothes” rack and tried it on. 
After consideration, she decided she probably wouldn’t wear it, not knowing if this style of dress would be popular again this season.  Then, just as we were checking out, she grabbed it off the rack and decided that she would repurpose the dress.  She explained how she would cut the dress off, hem it and make it into a shirt.  (I think she has seen me reading Samster Mommy’s blog too often…she is often repurposing clothes.)

Well I encourage ANY kind sewing so Kalissa came home and started her project….She was busy pinning and cutting but the sewing on the knit T-shirt material ended up being a bit of a challenge.  She couldn’t get the concept that when sewing knits, you can’t pull them or it will stretch so…Mom to the rescue…
She LOVES the shirt and started talking about how she was planning to wear it to school when I informed her that it wouldn’t meet dress code.  She inventively coupled it with her white T-shirt and off she went.

She coupled the shirt with some black dress capris and wore it Saturday for choir contest too…It looks like the $3.50 maxi dress was one of the best clothes purchases she has made in a long time.  Now she’s asking, “Mom, how do you put in elastic?”  It looks like the bottom of that dress just might become a skirt!

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