Kalissa Sews!!

I’ve told you that I haven’t given up on our daughter Kalissa being a quilter…  Here’s proof.

In my defense…I tried to get her to be a quilter from early on….

That’s us years ago…likely 17 or so years ago.

Kalissa had to work the overnight at the hospital.  Being it’s in the ER, there aren’t always patients in the ER.  Then a couple weeks ago the hospital was put on lockdown.  There was a direct threat to the hospital from a man who had a mental health issue.  All ambulance traffic was rerouted away from the hospital and a public announcement was made about it.  Well that night, there were no patients so Kalissa got to shopping..and ended up buying, (wait for it), FABRIC!  Well not fabric as in yardage but a charm pack.

She sent me a message says she did and I couldn’t believe it.  To be honest, I figured she’d give it to me and want me to sew something for her….but that didn’t happen.  This did.

She came over last week during childcare on Tuesday to borrow a machine.  Nope, she doesn’t have a sewing machine and claims she’s only going to sew with me and doesn’t want one at her house.  

I told her a Featherweight was small and doesn’t take up much space.  She said, “I don’t want to have to go to classes”.  Then I explained that few people who own Featherweights go to class.

She shrugged and went on with her project.  She’s making a small “lovey” sized top from charm squares with a minky quilt backing.

She was AMAZED that she got it done in such a short time.

Our discussion turned into:
“I’ll never have fabric like you do.  I’d only want a kit or a precut.  I don’t want all the MESS.”

I told her that’s okay.  You can sew whatever you want, however you want, if you want.  It did make me smile though….she’s thinking about sewing.  Who cares what it is that she’d sew!!!  I know you moms who sew are in the same thought process as I was…you love them just how they are but how fun is it to share sewing as a hobby.

She was so careful.  She got the top done and promised to come back another day to finish it up.  I was sure she’d want me to finish it.  I was sure she wouldn’t come back…but LOOK, she did!!I showed her how to sandwich a quilt and showed her basting spray.  She put some minky on the back and batting for the middle.

She decided to sew 1/4″ on each side of the seam.  She was SUPER careful and did a wonderful job.  (that wild 16 year old sew-er was no where to be seen-  She was a terrible sewer in high school)

Carver had to check it all out.  We’ve started talking a lot about the “tiny baby in Mommy’s tummy”.  
After machine quilting…she trimmed it up.
Now I was sure that I was going to have to bind it for her…but nope.  She did it.  I didn’t really help much either.  Can you believe that she MACHINE BOUND the quilt??  All of you who are afraid to try…if Kalissa who has sewn VERY little, can do it, you can too.  She did miss catching it in a one inch spot but went back and fixed it no problem.

Here it is all finished….the new baby’s new lovey.
Carver (who is an attention seeker) was so upset when he wasn’t in the picture, yelling, “Me cheese.  Me want to cheese.” (meaning he wanted his picture taken so he could say cheese.)  So here’s the picture of the two of them.
I am EXTREMELY proud of Kalissa.  She did a fabulous job and learned so much.  It’s really a cute-cute little quilt.

If someone who have told me she was going to buy fabric, sew it and even machine bind the quilt, I would have laughed and laughed.

Seriously folks…I’m not giving up on her and I’ll keep dangling the carrot!!  There’s hope for her yet, but if you doesn’t, that’s all okay too.

13 thoughts on “Kalissa Sews!!”

  1. She’s nesting! When I was pregnant with my daughter, I hand stitched a stuffed animal for her. Never before or since, but I sure HAD to do it right then!

  2. I simply want to know where she got the t-shirt she’s wearing with “Case” on it because one of our grandsons is named Case, so we will never, I guess, be able to buy him those named gifts/souvenirs like bicycle license plates, key chains, etc. We face the same problem with our granddaughter named Rylee. LOL

    1. Laura-
      Case IH is a tractor company. It’s just a thrift store find. Being pregnant she’s gone to buying large mens shirts at the thrift store and wearing them for home clothes. It saves greatly on having to buy maternity close. I’m sure if you googled Case IH clothing, you’d come up with something…Rylee I can’t help you with. LOL

  3. SusanfromKentucky

    Debbie said the same thing I was thinking…Kalissa is nesting! She did a wonderful job with the lovey blanket. She may end up sewing something else now. You know, I HATED sewing when I took it in school. They only had one teacher for it and she had my sister eleven years previously. She accused my sister of writing “I hate Mrs. Rose” on the bathroom wall (she still says she didn’t do it). Needless to say, she had it in for ME when I ended up with her. I took it for the one semester and the next year, they started a Special Art class. Bing! I signed up for it! Years later, I ended up researching and learning to sew on my own and have enjoyed it as a hobby ever since.

  4. Kalissa did a great job! I bet she will sew some things for the new baby with you. Carver was so cute wanting to “cheese”. My little grandsons cheese too.

  5. My mom and grandmother were amazing sewists who constructed garments, quilts, rugs, etc. without a pattern. My daughter learned to use a sewing machine and construct garments in 4H. And then there were a couple decades of not wanting to sew. Today, she loves to sew and craft and create using a new sewing machine while the Singer 221/Featherweight, Singer 301 and Pfaff 230 are for display only. I’m a happy mom.

  6. Congratulations to Kalissa on her first quilt – the colors she chose are so pretty! This was also one of the first I every made and it ended up being a quilt for my daughter’s doll.

  7. Roberta Campbell

    Wow, I remember telling my Mom-I want to learn quilting but I’m only buying fabric for each project. No stash for me. Ha Ha………….. you can easily guess what happened.

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