Just when I thought I was doing something right!

Have you ever had one of those days….
You know the ones, where you have all the best intentions in the world, BUT forces just  seem to be working against you.

That was my day….. 


Our kids had been mowing lawn the last few times it was mowed.  They don’t drive as close to things as my husband would like.   In my husband’s defense, he’s right, they don’t mow close enough.  In my kids’ defense, they are scared to cut off the flowers in the flower garden.   So with REALLY good intentions I mowed REAL close trimming the weeds near our flower garden under the clothesline.  It just so happened at that very moment, a gust of wind came up and one of the clothespins holding myhusband’s shirt lost it’s hold and…you guess it, his favorite work shirt was sucked up under the lawn mower and TA-DA…fabric scraps! 

I went and told my husband I had mowed his favorite shirt…he said good thing I wasn’t in it….

So much for good intentions.

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