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Sometimes when I am thrifting I get ideas….I end up buying things thinking I’ll come home and up-cycle something.  Here’s one of those type of projects.

I bought a little jewelry box for 75 cents.  It had an 4″ tile in the top.  My plan was to take the tile out of the top, paint the box black and then make a punch needle project and put it in the center.  I had hubby pry the tile from the top of the box.  As I was throwing the tile in the garbage I thought it might be fun to cover it and make into a trivet…

Here’s what I did….

I glued a piece of batting onto the top of tile.

I glued the wool to the back of the tile.

I used the Quilt Square Quilt Along small star pattern and made a star.  I took 2″ strip and sewed it to the quilt as I would sew binding on.

I stuck the tile inside.  I pulled around the binding and pinned it in place on the back.

I stitched that down…it was a little tricky but do-able.  Next thing I knew, I had this….

It was fine…nothing totally amazing…but a bit cute.  I figured I would just toss it in the drawer and use it.  Then one of the kids was picking up and put the trivet back on top to the box.

Now I am confused…
This looks kinda cute.”

….but I still like the idea of painting the box black and putting a punch needle project in it.  Oh well, either way, it was fun playing.

8 thoughts on “Just Playing”

  1. Sounds great Jo…. did you have a pic of the final product? Love Thrift shopping and finding good stuff….

  2. I think this was a great idea and is a good place to store your trivet until you get the punch needle project finished and ready to insert. Still decorative until you have the second project finished.

  3. Either way it’s a great upcycle. Chuckling as I bought a little pint sized armoire last week to do a similar thing to. GMTA or are we related?

  4. It looks so sweet just with the natural wood tone! Who would’ve thought that you could slipcover a ceramic tile??? Good job, Jo! You are so very clever. I’d say that you should sleep on it before you do anything more. Give yourself the chance to let your subconscious brain work on it and then decide what you like best.

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