Junking for Woodwork

Remember that Hubby and I took a day away.  Well on Sunday morning Hubby called a local guy and asked if we could rummage through his old house that was going to be torn down.  Remember we are looking for some trim like this?


We keep thinking that our best chance of finding this is local.  Likely a local lumber yard kept it in stock or a regional catalog carried it.  Meaning it would be more likely found in our area.

So every time we hear or a house that is going to be demolished we ask if we can check it out.  I NEVER know what we are going to find…never know.  Remember that one time we found the Star Trek character?  (read about that here if you missed it)

Anyway…this house I was sure wouldn’t be icky….


For starters…there were doors on this house!!

When Hubby talked to the owners they said they didn’t think there would be anything there we’d be interested in but we were welcome to look.  Here’s what we found….house-2
No cupboards that were usable….

No trim….


This door was kind of cool-especially the latch.


For a second I thought this was wainscoting.  Nope.  Painted paneling.


Here’s some cool old linoleum.


Shucks.  No goodies to be found.


Looking from the outside I wasn’t sure why they wouldn’t fix up rather than build new….after seeing the inside, I’d built new.

Sadly there was nothing there to save.  Next time maybe….maybe next time we’ll find a jack pot of the perfect trim pieces.

Thanks so much to this family for letting us take a peek.  It’s nice to get a chance to save some of the good old woodwork.  Sadly this house didn’t have any.

3 thoughts on “Junking for Woodwork”

  1. I do have that trim my my house with the exception of the upside down looking chess pieces good luck in your search and if my house falls down in the middle of the night you can have it LOL

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