Juggling Schedules

I thought I had everything figured out and was full for childcare..but I should know better by now.  Babies grow and mom’s get pregnant….and school starts.

Because I do registered childcare I have to stay within certain numbers…6 full time kids and can have up to two more kids filling part time spots.  Now with school starting I have a couple kids going to preschool so they won’t be here varying days.  Figuring how to fill those varying days is just plain and simple…no fun.


I am happy to say one of my families told me they are expecting so somehow I was trying to make it all fit and work but found that it can’t so then comes the worst struggles.  Who stays…who goes…

I ended up with the conclusion that everyone just can’t fit.  I had to let my last family that started go.  In the past I’ve tried to base my decisions like this via the seniority factor and that’s how I came to my conclusion.  The family that had to leave has two rambunctious fun little girls that kept me on my toes…but with the new baby coming I’d only have room for one of the girls.  Then I started the debate about when to let them go.  Technically I’d have room until the baby was born but then Kalissa made a good point saying that the little one going to preschool, if possible, would be best served by starting school and getting used to a consistent routine that included the same care provider rather than be moved in the middle of the school year.  She was right.  So I had to talk to mom.  I just hate that.  In fact, it’s the hardest part of my job.

So now I’m back to having an opening…kind of.  I still have to juggle the whole age group issues because kids can only be certain ages at certain times to fit in.  I’ve had lots of calls for people wanting care for a sibling group but I can’t fit them in unless the stars align correctly…It’s a whole charting mess.   I’ve also had people ask about infant care but then I ask what’s best for the group I have?  Two infants at a time is do-able…I’ve done it several times before but what’s best for the group I already have.

People have suggested to just not be registered so I can fit is whoever I want but I don’t want to do that.  I think being registered is important.

Anyway..my last thought on this all is, Friday when the two little girls left, I was sad.  I worked and played for two months those two.  They made their way into my heart.  I so wish I could have done more for them.  They made me smile and were always filled with the little hugs and “I wuv you Jo”.  The house just won’t be the same without them.

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  1. That is very hard! The only easy decision when I did childcare was when I had a child I didn’t like. Actually I liked her OK, but the PARENTS!!!! Often they would be late HOURS late, not call, and then give me some extra cash like that made up for it…. I was sorry to lose the $but not the headache!
    I too was registered, and it makes a difference to the familles too. The right combination of kids always shows up. Enjoy the “vacation”

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