Judy is a Bad Influence..Noosa

Sometime during my day I always pop over and see what’s new with Judy and Vince over at Patchwork Times.  A bit ago, she had mentioned Noosa yogurt.  Well Saturday night Kelli was home and we went to church. After church she wanted to stop at he grocery store.  While we were shopping Kelli saw the Noosa yogurt.  It was on sale, 3 for $5 and Kelli said, “Let’s try it.  Let’s see if it’s as good as Judy says.”

She picked the raspberry version to try….

Our verdict is…we love it too and think it’s amazing.  Judy was right it is wonderful-smooth-creamy…amazing.

But, after reading the label…if I am a going to spend 300 calories 28g of sugar, I think I’ll just have dessert.  I can have a small root beer float with a diet root beer for fewer calories…or apple pie with 280 calories and 15g sugar.  Don’t let the yogurt label fool you…this “yogurt’ is actually dessert.

It’s a great treat to splurge on and split on as long as the person you are splitting with splits fair…in which case…don’t share with Kelli Kramer.

Thanks for recommending it to us Judy!

3 thoughts on “Judy is a Bad Influence..Noosa”

  1. I’ve never tried that brand but have seen it at Target. Why do they put so much sugar in yogurt? Like you said, we might as well splurge on a dessert.

  2. It is wonderful, isn’t it? I do agree that if I am going to consume so many calories it better be worth it and the Noosa lemon is worth it. It by far is my favorite flavor – just not something one can eat too often.

  3. Thanks for the chuckle and the advice to NOT plan on sharing with Kelli, LOL!
    By the way, I love what you have done the the Mary Borer bow tie top, too!
    Jo, how do you label your charity quilts? just a year and the state? Or full credit? My guild requires us to be anonymous and that rankles my ego-driven need for credit as the maker. Those charity quilts might end up in some futuristic “Tower Of Love” museum someday!

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