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I started a feature here on the blog called Jo’s Favorite Finds.  I have five adult children and they are always sharing stuff with me that I, as a person over fifty, have no idea about…and occasionally I find some pretty cool things.  Some things might be thrifted…some things might be from Amazon…some might be advice from a neighbor.  You just won’t know what I found or helped me find it unless you read the post.

I have two things to share with you today, Popcorners and Freezing Sweetcorn on the cob.

Here goes…

Have you found PopCorners yet?  Our daughter Kelli introduced these to me.  She loves them so much that she shares them with everyone she comes in contact with.  (No joke- she could be their spokesperson)  I happen to love them too so am sharing them with you.

Kelli gets them at Walmart.  I found they are also available on Amazon, HERE.  She had only brought me the Kettle Corn version that you see here.  I noticed at Amazon they also have other flavors.  I haven’t tried those yet.

These are AWESOME!!  If you like popcorn, I think you’ll like these.

Kelli took these to… the family picnic I mentioned that we went to and several people asked about them as they all loved them too.  Check them out and let me know what you think.

Kelli said she tried this version but she prefers the Kettle Corn flavor.

This next favorite find has the potential to be a life changer for me.  My neighbor came by the other day and asked if I wanted any sweetcorn.  I said sure and then he asked me how much.  Hmm.  In my neck of the woods, (or rather farm country), that means the person has a source to potentially give you lots…like enough to process and freeze.

We have such a generous community here.  I’m really so blessed as I have other friends who have offered sweetcorn in the past as well.  What happens is the corn gets planted and then once it’s ripe, it doesn’t last long so growers use what they want/need…then they tell their families and they take what they want/need and they tell the neighbors and friends and we get blessed by their abundance as well.  It is super for people like me!!

Anyway…I told my neighbor that a dozen ears would be great.  Kelli was coming and with the kids here, I knew I couldn’t process corn.  That’s when my neighbor said, “Are you sure?”.  I said, “Yes.  I had company coming and didn’t have time to process it”.  He said, “Don’t you freeze it on the cob?”  WHAT???

So my neighbor explained that he takes sweet corn with the husk on, puts it in a brown paper bag, rolls the top down, and puts it in the freezer just like that.  He said when they want some, they take a couple of ears out, let it unthaw, husks it, and cook it just like normal.  I asked how it tastes.  He said regular corn in season is 100% good.  This is like 95% good.  Well, that was worth the risk to try.

So I did.

I put it in the brown paper bag and froze it whole with the husk on.

My neighbor said it will be good eating through Christmas for sure.  WOW.  Could this be so?

I just love sweet corn in season so if this works, it will be a life-changer moment.  I’ve been tempted to pull some out and see if it worked but I want to savor the goodness…and someone else just gifted me some corn I need to eat first.

Do any of you freeze your sweet corn whole?  If you do, what do you think of it?  Is it worth giving up the freezer space?

I’m super excited to see if it’s good.  Sweetcorn this time of year is so good!!  I told you in a different blog post that I think August is the most wonderful time of the year because the eating is so good.  Sweetcorn is part of that good eating.

That’s what I have to share with today…all food related.  YUM!!  Do you have any Favorite Finds you’d like to share?  Please leave a comment and let us know.

28 thoughts on “Jo’s Favorite Finds”

  1. I also like Popcorners, my 38 year old daughter introduced me to them. I rarely have enough fresh corn to freeze. if some comes my way i will try this!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. We learned about freezing sweet corn in the husks way back in the early 1070s from a farmer near San Jose CA. He had a farm stand we had stopped at. In those days the corn was about 6 ears for $1. So we bought a lot. These days the corn is too expensive to buy much. But YES, it is GOOD!

  3. Barbara Bennett

    I get already husked corn at the store, wrap each ear individually, freeze it in a vacuum seal bag. When I want one I wrap it in wet paper towel and microwave it for 2-3 minutes. Eats fine for me.

  4. I’ll have to try that with the corn! Sometimes we make things so much more complicated than necessary, don’t we? A gamechanger for me was learning I could freeze whole ripe peaches (skin on) in a big zipper bag. The skins fall off a frozen peach with a quick rinse under warm tap water. So easy! I take one out anytime I have a hankering, or take 8 out for a delicious off-season cobbler.

  5. Those Popcorners sound so good. I don’t think I should try them because then I will want to eat them by the bag! I just recently heard about that method of freezing corn, but have not tried it. It wouldn’t work good for us because of the space in freezer.

  6. Elizabeth Sawyer

    It sounds to easy. But it’s alot to give up that kind of freezer space but I will have to try a few ears just to see what it taste like.

    One thing you says husk but do you remove the silk first OR do you just put the whole thing in the bage as you received it?

    Thanks for the tip

  7. I need a bigger freezer to try this. My brother just cleans it c,uts off the ends and freezes it in Ziploc bags.
    Not to be picky, but if you “unthaw” you are refreezing it.

    1. You are correct, I guess. English isn’t easy. Hurts my brain.
      Some of the things we say all the time are hilarious after it’s pointed out we’re really saying the opposite of what we intend to.
      I ‘unthaw” things all the time! Now I can snicker to myself about that! Another bright spot to the day.
      I hope the grammar in this reply made you smile.

  8. 12 cups corn – cut off ears
    6 Tblsp butter – sliced thin
    1.5 Tblsp sugar
    1 tsp salt
    1 cup boiling water (a little less).
    Get all to a boil. Keep stirring & boiling for 3 minutes then put pan in sink of ice water to stop cooking. Bag when cool. This time of the year I keep bread pans of ice in freezer at all times. Our little grandkids love “Grandpa & Grandma’s corn !

  9. I feeeze in husk in ziplock. Watched on YouTube how to cook it in husk in microwave. The husk comes off easily and it tastes terrific! I just froze 24 lg ears and it took 3 months to use and always wonderful. I will do this again. Enjoy!

  10. When I’ve grown corn in my garden I froze some each year. We used to have it as part of our Thanksgiving dinner. The freezing method I used was husk it, blanch it in boiling water for a minute, place in ice water to cool completely, pat dry and place in gallon freezer bags in the freezer. When you want to eat it simply place the number of ears you want for that meal in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Alternatively you can cut it off the cob after taking it out of the ice water, then freeze it.

  11. Oh man I just froze a bunch of fresh corn off the cob. Wish I had known. Oh well will just get some more to try. My freezer is getting pretty packed.

  12. I read your post and then was heading out to the grocery store. I found the PopCorners in the sea salt variety. I have to say, I am sorely disappointed with them. They taste stale and can barely taste the salt. Interesting that the freshness date is May 23, 2023…that is a long way off.

  13. If you like pretzels, pretzel crisps from snack factory. They come plain and in several flavors. I like cheddar and buffalo wings. They are flat crisp pretzels. Yum

    1. Did you really have to mention these? The dark chocolate ones are THE BEST!!! Unfortunately, I haven’t found them at the grocery in quite some time. My waistline is happy about that, but my taste buds are ready for another bag of these (any day of the week!)

  14. We just tried freezing corn this way. We tried it last night to see if we wanted to do more this way. Was not real impressed – the taste was good but not crisp & crunchy like normal. I would rather cut it off the cob to freeze it.

  15. I just put the whole cob in the freezer exactly as it comes from the field, no cutting any part, no bags. The intact husk is the best wrapper there is. Then when I want to eat it, take it out of the freezer frozen, put it on a plate just as it is, microwave 4 minutes for medium size cobs, 5 minutes for large cobs. You may have to experiment to find the exact right time for your size cobs. By keeping it all intact, no cutting the ends or anything like that, it keeps the moisture enclosed. The only thing is, then you have hot husks to take off so I use a hot pads to pull it off, but it does come off easily. I am only one person here so it works well to do just one corn but probably not ideal for making a bunch. I usually get about 6 months worth of corn and it is always just like eating it right from the field even after 6 months. So easy, so good.

  16. Jackie Trembley

    Pop corners white cheddar or queso flavors – awesome! Thanks for the corn tips – I’m definitely going to try freezing them that way and cooking them in the husk in the microwave! Yay!

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