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12 thoughts on “Jo’s Favorite Finds”

  1. The slow feed dog bowls are brilliant; we have them for our two Labradors and they really help to slow them down instead of gobbling their food.

  2. I love the idea of a matching set of washer and dryer . I had that at one time. Over time I’ve went with a more expensive front load with a steam setting and the cheapest dryer I could find. My dirty chore clothes come cleaner in the front load and I found I never changed my dryer setting much so didn’t need anything fancy. Mine are in a closet so I don’t have to look at them.

    1. Dear Jo,
      Thank you for letting us live vicariously through you and your family! I can only guess how much work it is to keep us updated. Thanks for being so true with us!
      Thank you for taking care of the dogs and puppies. I’m so glad you had Rusty and he found a home now.
      See you next time,

  3. I belong to an appliance group. The new washers and dryers aren’t made like they used to be. All sorts of problems with them. Same with fridges and dishwashers. My dishwasher is almost 20 years old and I hope it lasts forever. The same with my other appliances. My washer and dryer don’t match either, but I prefer that to machines that aren’t built to last. I think the expensive top of the line models may be pretty good, but I don’t have the budget for those. Maybe there is something you can do to yours to make them look more like a match? I think you laundry area looks lovely like it is.

  4. For several years, I have been using one of those canisters to store my spools of thread. The spools are easy to see, and being in the canister keeps them from getting dusty.

  5. I missed your usual Monday morning post, “What I’m Working On”. Is it moving to a different day? I love that post. Thanks!

  6. Such brilliant finds! I like the jars that you found to use for the dog food. I also like the paints. I am ready to make another quilt with children’s handprints – so meaningful.

  7. I enjoy your favorite finds posts. I also like it when you share toys that your younger grandkids are interested in. The magnetic ABC bus and the button art toy have been hits with my grandson. Thanks for the ideas!

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