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With all of the wonderful social media options out there, we thought we might give you a quick update on how you can keep up on our latest quilt projects, the house saga, or what trick one of the dogs learned.  We currently have accounts through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Facebook–I’m sure that you have all heard of Facebook.  You can follow Jo’s Country Junction on facebook by searching Jo’s Country Junction and liking our page.  We often share pictures of what we are working on and we both post fun little tidbits that we find online through other quilting groups that might be helpful in the future.  After you have “liked” our page, our blog updates and any other information that we post will show up in your news feed.  We will generally have a blog post up by the time you wake up in the morning (if you’re from USA), but this will also let you know when we post in the afternoon.
Twitter–You can follow us on Twitter at @josjunction.  We are also able to post to Twitter when we have updated the blog so you can check out what we’re up to.  We don’t know tons and tons about Twitter, but we are working to learn more.  Check back with us often to see what kinds of things we are learning.

Instagram– We each have our own Instagram account.  You can follow me at kelli_joscountryjunction or mom at jo_joscountryjunction.  Here we post quick little pictures of things that are happening in our life.  I would say that the majority of our Instagram posts have something to do with the dogs or a magazine that we are featured in that I have happened to find or other dumb ditties that happen in our lives.  One thing that is nice about Instagram is that we are able to post a quick picture with a short caption giving a brief description of the photo.  I personally love Instagram as I usually tend to live on the fly, so the ability to instantly update it and add a picture is great for me..and I’m getting Mom on board too.

Stay tuned to see what things we are thinking up next!

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