Jo’s BOM Challenge 2018

Today’s the day…I told you about the Block of the Month Challenge a week or so ago in this post.

I’m working on this…..  Well actually two of these quilts.


I had months #1 and #2 finished….and now because of the challenge, I’m so happy to say that I have month #8 done too!! See?? Glory be!


I figure if I don’t get anything else done on the whole project, at least I am this much farther.  Don’t worry.  I don’t plan to quit yet.

Being I’m making two-one mine-one Kelli’s….I talked Kelli into taking month #3 home.  I reached into the bag and pulled #7.  UGH.  I need to make 8 blocks for one quilt…so 16 blocks all together.  Oh no!  That’s not going to happen in one day!!

I thought about putting it back and grabbing a different month, but I don’t want to play that game.  I have it on the cutting table and am going to start cutting in out over nap time one of these upcoming days.

You’ll find me back here on February 3rd. I hope to have month #7 finished. I think I can….I think I can….

13 thoughts on “Jo’s BOM Challenge 2018”

  1. Lynne Nicholson UK

    I am inspired by how you make time. I’m pulling together fabric for a snail trail quilt using Tula Pink’s snail fabric (I think it’s called slow and steady) for the centre squares I’m planning on alternating traditional snail trail locks with a block where the central square is larger and it is just the outer edges of the snail trail added on.
    I also planning on sewing together tumbler blocks I cut out just before my sightloss was diagnosed September 2016. I’ve since become legally blind but am finding ways to sew a straight quarter inch seam.

  2. Although I have a BOM that I bought a couple of years ago and really want to start it, I’m going to work on quilting some tops that I have finished (UFO’s) and some more UFO’s. One UFO is a hand applique` blocks so I might start on that one during applique` club that meets once a month.

  3. A friend of mine just showed her Civil War Tribute quilt at a Guild meeting. It’s huge and absolutely beautiful. The border blocks took her the longest since they have so many little pieces.
    Keep working on it–well them- and you will have something to be very proud of.

  4. This is the second year I have decided to work on quilting and or finishing quilt tops I have around. The only exception to this rule is I will do Bonnie’s mystery. I finished 5 quilts last year but still have a number to do but will keep plugging away!

  5. The time you create in your busy days is simply amazing Jo! I average 20 finishes per year but yours are all BIG! Many of mine are child size. You inspire so many of us to do something quilty when we have just minutes. Cheers to your Civil War BOM. It’s going to be fantastic!

  6. Jo, made that very quilt and like Sherri said, it is huge and it is beautiful!! I have it on our bed 6 months of the year and a Bonnie Hunter mystery the other 6 months. Keep working at the blocks and you will LOVE the results!! The border is a challenge but follow the directions exactly, a well written pattern!!

  7. I have that BOM and can’t for the life of me figure out why I bought it. Not my colours at all. It makes a beautiful quilt though! Maybe I will start one block this week. Maybe…..

  8. Jo – I feel your pain. I’ve been working on the 365 quilt for the last 2 years – 2018 will be the third year. With starting to work full time in addition to moving across country, and we still have our children at home means quilting is only done a little bit here and there – a normal course of life. But, wow! I will be so glad to have that quilt finished and move on to something else – no more quilts like this for me!! I have lots started, but if I leave this project now, it might never be finished! Love to see your projects – and even with less time to spend quilting, your blog is one that I visit every day.

  9. Hi Jo, I will play along a little – I don’t have any BOMs to sew, however I do have 2 to quilt. One of them is Safe Haven by Thimbleberries from a LONG time ago. I bought it when Pine Needles was still in Cresco as a kit. I didn’t sew it for several years, but then got the blocks together and then finally to a top. It has been a top for a while. My goal, GET IT QUILTED! I am on my way, I pin basted it this morning and will put it in the quilting queue. My other BOM is also a top and I hope to get that one done too, but there or others that I want to get done too. I am not a big fan of BOMs or kits, I tend to let them sit, not sure why. Maybe it is too much pressure LOL.

  10. I want to join your challenge as soon as I find my project, or maybe I should say IF I find my project. It’s got to be packed in one of the many boxes in my attic. I put it on my UFO list, so with two challenges to finish it, maybe I can get it off my UFO list and then never do another sampler again.

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