Join Me and Nell on a Bonnie Challenge

Hey all you Bonnie Hunter fans, my friend Nell was just telling me that she has all the pieces together to make Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Fair and Square.  She was setting a goal to have the top together by Thanksgiving when the new mystery starts.  Kelli and I talked and we both have “Bonnie Hunter quilts” that we would like some motivation to get going on again so we thought we’d join Nell and make it a little challenge.

Then we got thinking that many of you might like a little challenge too.  So how is this?  Everyone dig out a Bonnie Hunter project (or start a new one if you want).  On Saturday I’ll put up a linky and everyone who has a blog that wants to play along can link up…those without a blog can tell about their project in the comment section.  Then lets all start sewing like crazy and try to get the project into a top by Thanksgiving.

Are you game??  Just to keep me sewing on it and working hard at it, let’s do a linky party here every Saturday and you can show how far along you’ve gotten.

I have several  MANY projects to choose from and sadly, none of them are very close to being finished.

I have Smith Mountain Morning…


I have Virginia Bound….


I have Rectangle Wrangle…


Perkiomen Daydreams-(Kelli and I are working on this jointly and it’s at her house)

Blue Ridge Beauty-This just needs to be quilted and bound.


Blue Skies-I looked and can’t find it but I know it’s started.  Maybe it’s at Kelli’s house.

Turkey Tracks


Pineapple Crazy

and I have Stars over Shallot.

Can you believe while I was hunting these projects I even found Texas Braid?


How will I ever choose?  I know I’d love to work on Pineapple Crazy but I know I’ll never get anywhere close to finishing it so I think I’ll pick a different one.

Come back on Saturday and we can all share what we are going to do for our Bonnie challenge project.

56 thoughts on “Join Me and Nell on a Bonnie Challenge”

  1. This sounds like fun. I have a box of Crayon Box blocks that just need to be put together into a top and several other things.

  2. Dear Jo,
    You have nothing to apologize to or for. I see how much you get done and the ones that you have are W I S P’s Works In Slow Progress.
    Donna in Oregon

  3. Count me in! I’m just putting together the last of my rows for Easy Street, so I won’t count that one, but I have Moth in a Window blocks to piece before the new mystery starts. I also have barely started Pineapple Crazy, but maybe I could piece one block a week for that one.

  4. I wanna play!! I printed off the mystery stuff this morning and really can’t wait for it to start. This makes me want to start something now! But…..I have six quilt tops that are actively in the works now, another I want done before Christmas, and really shouldn’t. But……YOU have so many that you started that you make me feel like there are other people out there with a ton of UFO’s that maybe it’d be okay to play along. Decisions, decisions, decisions….

  5. Lauren Mattison

    I am working on easy street. I love this quilt. I can’t wait to start the new one as I have never done a mystery quilt yet as it is going on.

  6. Well, you really do have a lot of projects you started! I’ve a Farmer’s Wife started in CW fabrics, and a Ohio Stars & Rails started, and a Strip twist cut & ready to go. Plenty of leaders & enders too. What’s a girl to do? Hmmm………will have to give this some thought. P.S. Am currently hand sewing binding on to my Easy St…………………I want to make a Texas Braid, My Blue Heaven, etc.,etc.,etc.

  7. Pat C in Washington

    OK now I don’t feel so totally crazy for having so many projects going at one time. I STILL have to finish Orca Bay (just one border ’til it’s a flimsy). I have all the blocks done for a mostly purple and green Sister’s Choice that really should go next. I have about 4 blocks done each of Turkey Tracks and Winston Ways from classes I took from Bonnie in Portland (Oregon) in March. I don’t have a blog, so I will sit on the sidelines and cheer all of you on while (probably) stitching up Sister’s Choice before getting started on Celtic Solstice.

  8. OmGoodness! I own all of her books…and I have made several of hers…Perkiomen Dreams is on my to-do list. But I am not sure I can finish that in a short time……So I will have to see if I can find one that I feel I can accomplish.

  9. I’ve got a Scrappy Trip around the World in the works. Not one of her harder ones, but I’d still like to get it done!

  10. I’ve got a Lazy Sunday top finished that needs to be quilted and bound. And a Texas Braid that needs to finish being pieced, quilted and bound. I got really bored with that one just after cutting all those bricks and squares!

  11. What timing! I am binding lap sized Basket Weave and may have another of Bonnie’s to get done. I have not done her mysteries and don’t own the books yet- but have some from the website.

  12. Yahoo! We are not alone in Bonnie UFOs. . . Fair and Square is ready to assemble and Boxy Stars needs quilted and bound. Maybe I can get 2 Bonnie finishes before Black Friday. What a great idea we had!

  13. I’m in. I’ve been quilting Easy Street on my DMS and am about half way done. I really would like to have it finished by the next mystery.

  14. I have blue ridge beauty that just needs the last two rows on, then borders. I’m about to start Smith Mountain Morning in blue and maroon in KING size!! So I’ll be working on that instead of starting the new mystery. Bummer. I really like the colors in the new one too.

  15. Catholic Bibliophagist

    This is tempting. I’ve never finished any of the Bonnie Hunter mysteries I’ve started, so I have lots of projects to choose from. The most nearly finished BH quilt is Bricks & Stepping Stones. Maybe I could finish that. Gotta think about it because I’m still in the middle of a massive sewing room clean-up, and right now I feel like I’ll be lucky if I finish that before the next mystery starts.


  16. I’m in! Not sure yet which I’ll choose, although I’m leaning toward either My Bue Heaven or Finger Lakes Vinifera (my version of Orca Bay). Chunky Churndash, which I’m growing by adding borders, is pretty close to done, so that doesn’t seem like much of a challenge. And Turkey Tracks is barely started – too big a challenge! Regardless, thanks for the motivation!

  17. I have three “Bonnie quilts” that still need some work,,Easy Street, Orka Bay and Dancing Nines. I’m pulling out Easy Street so count me in, Jo. I also have a Bricks and Stepping Stones that just needs borders … and quilting. Thanks for the push, I needed it,

  18. I’m in on this. I have just one from “Scraps and Shirttails” in progress but I just have to get on the stick and get it done.

  19. I’m way ahead of ya! I’ve finished 4 of Bonnie’s quilts and started another this week. =) Easy Street, Smith Mountain Morning, Virginia Bound Denim Rails & just started Cactus Patch. Hoping t have empty (ish) scrap bins on this journey.

  20. I have Jamestown Landing (just finished piecing last nigh) and Rick Rack Nines to quilt. Haven’t decided on my next BH quilt, but count me in. I will decide soon!

  21. I’ll do it. I only have one Bonnie quilt that is unfinished…. Jamestown Landing, and I would love to get finished. I had it “almost” there September two years ago when I packed it away.. This will be good motivation to finish it.

  22. Great idea Jo! Count me in. I’d like to finish OBAy and/or Scrappy Trip which is only partially cut!
    I need a few more days for the antiBs to kick in -pneumonia- then I will join you all. I might be a week behind. Sew excited! Thanks for coming up with this idea.

  23. I have Orca Bay in purple and oranges to finish. I have most of the pieces down just have assemble it. I will try to get this done.

  24. sounds good to me. I am trying to find time and energy to finish my orca bay into a flimsy before starting the new mystery. I also have two blocks each of Talkin Turkey, Midnight Flight and Winston Ways that I started in classes with Bonnie in Williamsburg 2-3 years??!!!! ago and haven’t touched since. But I have completed a wall size Oklahoma Backroads, queen size RRCB, lap size Florabunda and a king size Easy Street! I’ll try to get a blogpost written before Saturday and link up.

  25. Oh my….I think I just found a kindred spirit in the quilting world. I thought I was the only one that could possibly have that many projects started and not finished! I believe I’m the adult version of ADD (attention deficit defunct) because I get so excited about starting a new quilt and I work hard U N T I L I find that next quilt I just have to make and somehow the current one is on the sidelines suddenly. I just came home from a trip to Missouri where I visited a favorite quilt shop and as I was buying fabric I began counting the sample quilts in the shop and realized I haven’t make/finished the last three quilts from my last three trips up there and yet here I was buying for another quilt! I redid my sewing room had found 13 WIP….maybe with a little inspiration from you I will be able to finish one quilt at least before I start another new one!

  26. Not sure what I’ll work on but if I were you I’d start on the Turkey Tracks – I LOVE that red! Knowing what a fantastic quilter you are you will probably finish more than one:) Good luck!

  27. Donna DuMouchel

    I am putting the binding on a queen size Scrappy Trips Around the World, and I know I have Scrappily Happily Irish hidden away somewhere…

  28. Oh, Jo, you have hit on a great challenge. Just a week ago I finally finished up my Roll Roll Cotton Bowl and Orca Bay into flimsy stage. They have been in a holding pattern for a bit. Then I put together my Star Struck top (8X10 blocks). I just need borders…or not! I have several more in various stages and will pick one to focus on. Thanks for the inspiration! Good Luck to all!

  29. I am SO in! I am finishing up Lazy Sunday, have all but 8 blocks put together (had to add 16 for king size, arrrgh!). Of course then there are the borders…so glad you are doing this! Thanks! And we get to see the eye candy from everyone else’s Bonnie quilts!

  30. My goodness Jo – you may be the Queen of Quiltville UFO’s!!! I want to make all of those too LOL!!! I’m in – I need to finish up my Jared Takes a Wife and it’s far enough along that I might just be able to finish it by then :*) I’m also working on Talkin Turkey, but it’s a sew-along with friends and I know it won’t be anywhere near done by then.

  31. Between this and the new mystery starting, that should be my motivation for getting Easy Street to a finished stage. I just cut the batting and just need to piece it a bit and then start the pinning process for quilting. It will be a challenge – 97×97 on my little domestic machine but I’m going to do it. I’ll also finish the binding on a pineapple one tonight! Does that count as 2?

  32. I have two right now (and come November I’ll have the new one too). My Patches and Pinwheels just needs borders (unless I decide it needs to be bigger when I pull it out) and I have last years mystery through about week 4 (?) done. I’ll have to go and dig them both out. It would be great if I can get them both to Flimsy stage between working on the two quilts that I want to have done by Thanksgiving (or at least by Christmas). :D Guess I need to go out and dig around in my UFO pile (50 projects?) and find them. LOL!

  33. I’m in! I have at least 3 in the works counting her summer sew along with split nine patch. Other in action – Sister’s Nine Patch and Rick Rack Nine Patch. Hmmmm – nine patch theme?

  34. Jo–Hope I am not to late. Count me in. I am starting nine in the middle. I should say some time in April and I am hope to have 35 of the blocks done by the end of Nov. This is my third quilt by Bonnie and I love every one. My scrapes are never getting smaller but the large peices of fabric are.

  35. This was tempting me and then I realized I HAVE to complete some “non-Bonnie” projects before then. I have only ever made one of her patterns and I did it straight through, quilted, bound and gave for a Christmas gift. Mostly I am intimidated but you all are giving me hope! Can’t wait to follow along.

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