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I often add links in my blog posts for items that I recommend.  Later someone will email and it will say: “I remember that you recommended this or that.  Can you remind me of what that was?”  I find the link and send it.  I’m guessing others of you are likely wondering but don’t take the time to send an email so I thought I would add a page to the blog that lists some of the items I regularly use and LOVE.

Kayla is helping me out by putting a permanent link to this post that you will be able to find at the top of this page.  Feel free to access it anytime.

Here’s blog post I wrote about fixing up my 15-91 Singer cabinet.  I used  Restor-a-Finish I love the product.  I use it on most any furniture that gets scratched.  We have a light and dark oak version at my house but there are other finishes as well.

When Craig and I did the landscaping around the house we used this product for the edging No Dig Edging.  You can find it HERE.  It’s super quick and requires no digging.  Read about it on the blog HERE.

When painting I HIGHLY recommend a no tape edging paint brush.  This  trim brush will change the way you paint.  I HATE taping so this is PERFECT.

I also recommend   Goo Gone:  Latex and Paint Clean Up  if you have old paint or new paint to clean up.  I’ve used it on paint that was really old and it cleaned up nicely.

When making brownies and muffins I always use silicone liners.  I love them.   Amazon has many varieties to choose from.  If you are buying them I recommend getting more than 12 in a set.  I have 24 and that covers most any cupcake/muffin/brownie recipe that I have.

Here is a link to my HP 5255 printer that I LOVE.  You can read my full blog post about the printer and Instant Ink HERE.

It has SERIOUSLY been the best printer I’ve ever had…and still reasonably priced.  I also HIGHLY recommend Instant Ink program.  Find it by following THIS LINK.

This program sent me a color and black and white cartridge.  Then it keeps track of how many copies I make.  Then it sends me new cartridges as I need them.  I pay a flat fee per month.  There is 50 copies for $2.99 a month or 100 copies for $4.99 a month or for busy people 300 pages for $9.99 a month.  I don’t pay extra for the ink.  It’s just a flat fee.  I signed up for the 100 copies.  If I go over it’s 10 cents a copy more.

This plan is perfect for me.  With the childcare kiddos I regularly print around 100 pages.  The pages roll over into the next month of I don’t use them which is great.  I don’t print as much in the summer vs the winter.

I guessed I likely bought at least 4 ink cartridges a year at the minimum.  At $25, or so, each that’s $100.  Now I am paying $60 a year….and I don’t have the hassle of remembering to buy cartridges.  Plus I got 4 months free.  I automatically got 2 free months and then Buck found an online coupon that gave me two additional months.

I am still in love with my wool ironing mat.  HERE IS THE LINK.

Of all the mats I’ve used, this one doesn’t smell and it’s the PERFECT size to be portable.

For now, that’s the things I can think of that I’ve recommended as of late.  If you can think of anything else, please let me know.  I’ll add it to the list.  Here’s my email

You can help support the blog through the links you find in blog posts.  If you click a link it will take you to Amazon.  If you purchase the item, Amazon then sends me a percentage of the sale.  It is only 4% or something like that and it costs you no extra money.  Amazon does that as a type of payment for “advertising” for them.  I do not take advantage of that and recommend odd things…only things I like and use.  I appreciate it so much whenever you use a link.

10 thoughts on “Jo Recommends”

  1. You covered several items I would need links for. A few others I can think of right off hand are your instant pot, Your African violet mail order company, and a floor lamp (did you cover a floor/table lamp for reading and sewing.) This list will be helpful!

  2. I did click through with the link when purchasing the wool mat. I wasn’t sure if you would be compensated but I’m glad you are. I LOVE my wool mat. You are right that there is not odor with it and the size is perfect for my sewing spot. I even did a blog post about it. I also loved listening to Marilla at Green Gables. I apparently had a little ‘Jo” week here in California following your suggestions. :-)

  3. I have used the goo gone product and it was wonderful and doesn’t stink like so many products. Thanks for adding the link to the site and I think you should add the instant pot and the African violet place also. I learn so much from your blog with these helpful thoughts.

  4. couldnt find a link to the post about using the restore a finish. Would like to read it before I purchased it. Did buy the printer on your advice and really love it!

  5. I am happy that others liked this post. I realize I can skip it or just read part of it. Sometimes the video ads will kick me out, which does not make me happy.
    Next time it is all ads, I will be skipping it all.

  6. My husband and I are fixing up an old house and he mentioned that he needed to remove old paint from the woodwork which was left by the previous owner and I mentioned that you used a Goo Gone and yes I had to go through your posts to find the link and purchased it last week. When we need a new printer I’m definitely going with the HP and the toner program. I’m glad this is going to be easier to find the link when I’m ready. Thanks for the timely info!

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