Jo Kramer: Quilt Judge…not really

When I was at the New Hampton Quilt Guild on Monday night, the ladies asked Kelli and I to judge their challenge quilts.  As part of their challenge, they were to use my Moda Bake Shop, Jewels in the Curio, pattern and make their own quilt.


Let me say first off, I am no judge.  After seeing each of the quilts, all had a feature that I liked so picking one was really hard.  I got the ladies to pose with their quilts so I could show you how difficult it was.  I apologize that I don’t have the ladies names…

The first one was the Christmas version….

Here’s the next one…This one had a matching bed runner.  It was nice too.

The red, white and black was neat.  Many in our area love this combination as it’s the school colors.

The colors of this one were great too.  The colors blended beautifully.  The quilt would be perfect for my living room.

This one was made by an owner of one of the quilt shops in town, Material Magic.  Pat explained that she had to do some improvising when it came time to put the borders on as she was out of fabric.  (It’s nice to know that it happens to others too)  I love her improv work.

I love seeing the quilt made with backgrounds other than the white or cream.  It really changes the look of the quilt.

Next up is a super scrappy version.  What’s not to love about that!?!?!  This gal is the long armer for the other quilt shop in town, Quilter’s Window.

The next quilt maker wasn’t about to attend the meeting but sent her quilt.  It was a beauty too.

The last quilt was made by another of the quilt shop gals from Quilter’s Window.  It’s another that I could put right to use in my living room.

Okay ladies….How do I judge these….Some had amazing quilting….some were colors I adore.  Some were unique….like the quilt with the bed scarf or Pat’s with improvised corners.  Kelli and I were both loving the Christmas version typically we don’t like Christmas quilts, but this one, we really loved….oh to choose, oh to choose.  I love the colors of some, goodness knows I love scrappy….I liked the quilting of others.  There wasn’t a one in the bunch that didn’t have amazing piecing.  UGH…this is suppose to fun not stressful.  We ended up picking the quilt with the matching bed scarf, but we spent the entire 20 minute home trip discussing and reviewing each of the quilts.

All I know for sure is that there wasn’t a single quilt I wouldn’t have loved to have in my home.  Great work ladies and thanks for having us!

So readers…which quilt would have picked?

9 thoughts on “Jo Kramer: Quilt Judge…not really”

  1. Something like this just comes down personal preferences, so just from pictures my favorite is actually yours, then the one with the matching runner, and then the scrappy one – I like her borders. (I must like the ones with lighter neutrals)Thanks for sharing, they were fun to see.

  2. They are all beautiful quilts. I would not be able to choose. I think I would have to just put all the names in a hat and draw a winner. They could all live at my house. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a fun nite.

  3. I really like the scrappy one. The colors just really pop on it. Second would be the Christmas one, even though I usually do not do the Christmas quilts.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Glad it was you two judging and not me! That would be a tough job.
    I would have had to go for the super scrappy one. She’s using some of my favorite colors.

  5. The Christmas version is the one I like. You can’t really tell that it’s christmas fabric. The colors to me just pop.

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