Jo Asks Readers: Batting and Fabric

Okay readers…It’s my turn to ask you some questions.  I need help and I’m hoping you all can be my helpers.  I have three separate questions…

#1- One of my old childcare moms contacted me and ask me to make a bed-sized quilt for her son.  She really liked this baby quilt she saw online and would like something similar.  My question:  Does anyone know of this fabric or fabric line that it came from?  If you don’t know that, do you know of something similar?  Their family farms and loves all things John Deere so she wants green, yellow, and tractors…she wants the black and white buffalo check too.

If you know of anywhere that has this fabric or something similar, please leave a note in the comments or send me an email at

Here is question #2…

A blog reader vaguely said that Hobbs had a program for charity quilters to get batting free or at a greatly reduced cost for those who are doing charity quilting.  Is this true?  If it is, can anyone provide me with the details?

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Question #3…
Someone sent me a link to Oklee Quilting Supply Incorporated in northern Minnesota.  You can find a link to them HERE.  They said that many Lutheran World Relief quilters get their batting from this company.

I checked them out.  I found this…it is a roll of 60 yards of batting that is 60″ wide for $89.40.  Shipping looked to be about $18 a roll.

60 yds of 60 wide Econo Batting
My calculations say that quilters could make 36 quilts that are 60 x 60 with this batting.  That means it would be about $3 per quilt for batting.  WOW.  That is cheap.

BUT the question is this….is the batting a good quality.  Does anyone know?  Has anyone used this batting?

They had different widths and it all seems reasonably priced but I want to know if it holds up.

If you can help with any answers to my questions, I’d so appreciate it!!  Again, leave a comment or email me at

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  1. Seems to me I’ve seen John Deere fabric at JoAnn’s fairly often.
    Wow that batting sounds like a pretty good bargain.

  2. Hi Jo. Check Quilted Twin website for John Deere fabrics. Hobbs has in the pass helped charity quilters with batting. Also check Overstock for batting. I have a friend who has found batting at Overstock by the roll.

  3. I quilt a LOT of donation quilts, so I go thru the batting pretty fast. I have never heard of anyone giving away free batting for charity quilting. I order my batting from Kingsmen Quilting as I’ve found them to be about the most reasonable. I buy the 120″ X 30 yard roll of 80/20 batting and it costs me $159.00 plus $12 for shipping. Anywhere in the upper midwest is $12 for shipping from them, but other states may be more.

  4. Timber Gnomies from Henry Glass has the buffalo check fabric in black and white (9270-9 Blk/Wht) Just be sure you’re getting the cotton and not the flannel (F9270-9, note the F). I made the opposite mistake and bought the checked cotton to go with my flannel gnomies pannel. Since I can use it in another project, I just placed another order. :0) Many quilt shops have this line is stores and online right now. I bought mine from Over the Rainbow which also has some John Deere fabric in stock, along with some generic tractor fabrics.

  5. Spoonflower will be on the expensive side. JoAnn fabric might not wear well. if you have one that you can go into and actually feel the fabric, you do better and might find something. John Deer has been on too many sites this fall. Buffalo Plaid is very popular for Christmas this year. Maybe one of your favorite Quilt Shops can help you. The backing is Cuddle by Shannon Fabric or something similar. I hope this helps. Research on the web its the best way to go.

  6. I use the Hobbs Charity for Guild. I also buy Warm and Natural when it goes on sale. You will seeit at $170 for a bolt on occasion. Recently JoAnn had it. Pretty soon Amazon will again. Set up an alert for yourself.

  7. Hobbs charity is not free. But if you are willing to take a chance, get people to save the codes from the packaged batts. Thin poly is not worth using so ask for a sample from that MN company. Charity deserves quilts that last.

  8. I buy Hobbs 80/20 from Marshall Dry Goods and I buy the 96” wide bolts. It is great quality and it is a great price. You can call 888-744-8277 and ask for Sharon Thomas. She is great and they also have the John Deere fabrics. Love your new quilt and congratulations on being published!
    Doris in Alabama

  9. Jo, I have a John Deere fabric that has printed blocks that are 15″. The piece is 44″ wide and 53″ long. There are 6 printed blocks surrounded by the John Deere color green. I think you could find some use
    for this and maybe you could use it as a backing??? or maybe Kelli would use it. I won’t be able to get this mailed to you until next week, though. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  10. I have some black gingham or buffalo plaid sitting on my cutting table that I just culled from my stash, and some John Deere fabric that also needs to go. I’ll try and send it in the next few days, I’m not sure when I can find a place to mail it that I feel safe.

  11. there is a awesome fabric store in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. It is called SR Harris Fabric. You could google that and see if is anywhere you would be interested in. I have never been there, but it looks like it would be awesome to see, this came up on a quilting sight one day on my E-mail

  12. Virginia Grenier

    In regards to the batting from Oklee Quilting, I’ve heard that they are willing to send out samples if you request some.

  13. Our church group, as well as other charity quilters in our area, has used the batting from Oklee for several years. We have noticed that the quality seems to have improved in the more recent orders. The group we send our quilts to has shared that the quilts are not always used as bed covers but as floor coverings, room dividers, curtains, totes for belongings etc… We feel this batting will meet those needs.

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