Jingle Bell Square Progress

Since I started working lots on Jingle Bell Square, I have it in my head that I want to keep working on it….I have more progress to show!

Here are the outer border pieces.  I am making my quilt bigger.  I have thought I had enough hour glass blocks but it turns out that I didn’t.  I had to go back and make 6 red hour glass blocks and 8 green ones.  They are all set to go now.


I am a little worried about he greens.  Notice that they don’t really mix the best.  I’m trying to not fret and just go with it.  Once with the whole quilt I’m hoping it will be okay.

I sat down to start to sew the blocks together and realized- oh.  I need sashing.Well sashing typically throws me off.  I have a dream stash for scrap quilters all the way until you get to needing yardage.  I have 1/2 yard and fat quarters but once I get to over a yard’s worth…I run into trouble.  I dug through my whites and of course there’s a half yard of this…a little more of that but they don’t match…you know the routine.  UGH.

I ended up finding something that was gifted to me.  I think from Ila.  It’s a tone on tone white.  It is super wide so I’m guessing it was left overs from a quilt back fabric.  It is working perfectly.

Then I realized I need cornerstones and was on the hunt for the bag of Christmas fabrics.

I finally got it all found, the pieces cut and started sewing.  There are my nine strips ready to go.


Next up I need to sew the sashing in between the blocks.  Little by little it’s getting done and that makes me excited.

If you missed the pattern, you can find it here as a digital pattern for purchase.



It really can be on my bed for Christmas next year!!  So far, I’m loving it!

Today I am hooking up with Patchwork Times.

3 thoughts on “Jingle Bell Square Progress”

  1. Jo,
    Greens all go together. I am always amazed when I look out the window and notice all the various greens that are in the garden. Yellow green of ferns, the succulent greens that have a touch of blue, the blue spruce, the deep dark green pines. Beautiful, and your quilt will be too.. You are certainly related to the Energizer bunny. Oh to have that energy again. Happy President’s Day. We are expecting snow. So sewing it will be. My niece was visiting and she brought her GO cutter and told me to keep it for a week or two. YES! I will be cutting today!

  2. What is the issue that Jingle Bell Square was originally published in? I tried to enlarge the photo so I could read the date, but was unable to. I really like it, but probably already have the QM it was in.

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