Jingle Bell Square- FINISHED!!

I’ve been working on my UFO list.  Specifically I’ve been working on my Bonnie Hunter UFO list.  I’m wanting to get as many quilts finished that are on the list before her new book comes out in September.  I’ve been doing this for over a month and no completions yet.  I finally have one now.  Here’s Jingle Bell Square.

I’ve been wanting to do a big quilt in straight line quilting…I finally did it with this one.  Being it’s a Christmas quilt I figured if I didn’t like it I’d only see it for a month or so each year….Happily, I like it.  I think this picture really gives a feel for how it looks.


I’m finding that I really like straight lines on a quilt that’s busy..and this one is busy.

I went outside to without Ruby to snap a couple pictures before I let her come out and model on the quilt.  I was as quiet as could be hoping she wouldn’t notice…she did.

See her looking out the window.  She was completely whining and upset.Poor girl….

As usual, I made mine bigger than the original pattern.  I wanted it big enough for our queen sized bed as this one is going on my bed in December.


The majority of the fabric came from blog readers and scrap bags I bought at the thrift store.  Some time ago I saw on Bonnie Hunter’s blog that she was making a Christmas quilt.  I figured it would be a pattern she published someday so I started collecting fabric just in case I’d want to make one.


Well it came out in Quiltmaker magazine and I figured might as well make it..I have the fabric all here.  Even the white came from a blog reader…Ila.

As I was making it Kelli often would roll her eyes a bit.  The fabrics don’t really match..the tones are off…some of the prints have metallic sparkles on them…it’s a sight to behold close up.  But, being the whole quilt is that, it works.  Never would I normally have put these shades and tones together…but like I said, being it’s all that way, it looks just fine.  I can’t wait to sleep under it!

I used a red binding that was gifted to me by a blog reader.  It had lots of holly in the prints so it looks good with reds and greens.

Thanks to Ila, all the other blog readers and the couple people who donated fabric to the thrift stores…without your gifts of fabric this quilt wouldn’t have happened.  I NEVER buy Christmas fabric.  In fact, I shocked myself by purchasing Christmas fabric for the backing.  It’s the first I’d ever purchased that I remember.

Looking in my blog archives, it looks like I started the quilt about December 19th of 2015.  It’s fun to blog so I can go back and check those kinds of things.

This quilt will be in Bonnie’s book coming out this fall or if just can’t wait for that you can find the pattern here.

18 thoughts on “Jingle Bell Square- FINISHED!!”

  1. Oh, I love it! The straight line quilting looks great. You must have used a ton of thread to quilt that one. How fun to have another lovely completed. You go girl!

  2. Lol! Poor Ruby! She looks so left out! The straight line quilting suits this quilt. Good job, Jo! (And Ruby.)

  3. I know that some blog readers want to see the quilt without Ruby,but…..I think the first and second pictures on this post says it all. Ruby belongs on the quilts.

  4. I just finished the JIngle Bell Square top, too. Loved making it. I make a lot of Bonnie quilts also……many of the same ones you make.

  5. So you have a six monther and a FINISH from a book not yet released…. you are way ahead of the game Jo.

  6. OH I love it! With all the busyness it is perfect for Chistmas!

    Poor Ruby! Her job is to pose with the quilts and here she was stuck in the house! Glad she got ot to be in a picture. She is so cute.

  7. Susie at ProsperityStuff

    I love it! What fun to have a Christmas quilt already made! The straight-line quilting is great, and you’re right about the unlikely color combos looking just right in this quilt. Beautiful!

  8. I love your Christmas quilt especially that it is truly scrappy! Straight line quilting is perfect choice. and …….. before I could protest about no Ruby with the quilt, there she was! So cute peaking out the window & then with the quilt! You & Ruby are a great way to finish morning coffee break!

  9. What a great name for a Christmas quilt! The quilt isn’t bad either ;). It’s nice to get another one to the finish line, isn’t it?

  10. Ruby reminds me so much of my dog Buggs. Yes, she was a beagle and she got her name because beagles chase bunnies! (Buggs Bunny)! I did not do that to her, DH, named her)! She a perfect model!

  11. I so needed a laugh today—The picture of Ruby in the window is a keeper for all time…..You can truly see how upset she is….

    The quilt is just fabulous…..

  12. God love little Ruby! Please let her pose on your quilts and don’t worry about the few naysayers; It’s her special talent and she wants to do her job. Dogs talk to you with their eyes and body language. She won’t understand why she has been included in all the pictures and then, suddenly, she has to wait inside when part of the pictures are taken; I’m glad you did let her pose for the one picture. Your Xmas quilt is just beautiful and I love the straight line quilting; it’s one of my favorites so far, really!

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