Jim’s AMAZING Lamps

Do you remember I went to town looking for a lamp?  It was back in June when I went to Hobby Lobby and saw this lamp.  I really liked it but then decided not to buy it as I remembered my brother had started making lamps and I knew I’d much rather buy one from him.  Besides, this one looked okay…but not authentic like Jim’s did.

So I called him and told him I wanted a lamp.  He sent me a picture of what he had available.  He had five finished.  None were spoken for so I could take my pick.  Can you guess which one I picked???

Well Sunday was our family picnic day and I knew I would see Jim.  I was hoping he’d bring the lamp….and he did.  But first he had to show me the latest on he is working on….THIS!!Oh my word.  Isn’t it awesome.  Don’t you love the heart he put together in the middle?  He told me this one is more expensive….I can’t remember the price he quoted.  He has to do a little work on it yet.  See the piece in the center of the heart?  When you turn that, the light will turn on.  A-Mazing!!  I love the idea.  Of course it’s more work so the price has to reflect the work that goes into the piece.

I’m totally in awe of my brother.  Here he is with the lamp.  I told him, “You know, Mom would have loved these.”  The guy is so humble.  He said, “You think so?”  I know so.  Mom loved somethings that were made from nothings.  She loved creativity.  She loved working with her hands.  She also liked repurposing things herself.  OF COURSE MOM WOULD HAVE LOVED THESE!!  Plus she’d have been super proud of him too.  I know I am.

So from the first picture did you guess which lamp is mine??  This one.

I’m absolutely thrilled with it.  I picked it as I liked the red handle on it.  You can’t see it the best in the picture.  It’s going in the living room and has found a home right here.

Can you guess how long the lecture and warnings were to the childcare kiddos about what will happen if you touch my lamp?  It was a dosey.

I laugh now thinking that I ever thought about buying the lamp at Hobby Lobby.  That one was flimsy and not of a nice quality like this one is.  Besides, I have the Jim Johnson guarantee….or is a brother guarantee???…If it breaks (which it never will) I can bring it back and he’ll fix it for me.  He’s an awesome brother and spoils me.  After all, I am still the younger sister…Bahahahhaa.  In reality, I think he just is trying to make up for all the picking on me he did when I was a kid.  Either way…thanks Jim.  I so appreciate the time and work you put into my lamp!!

I’m sure someone is going to ask so if you have question or want to get your hands on a lamp made by Jim, drop me a note and I’ll pass your information on to him.  Here’s my email.  rogjok@iowatelecom.net.

19 thoughts on “Jim’s AMAZING Lamps”

  1. YES!! That’s the one I guessed you would pick!! Of course, it’s also the one I would have picked… The heart shaped one is reallllllllllyyy sweet!!

  2. I guessed you’d pick that one. They are all great and it’s so special that your brother created it. One of a kind too!

  3. I guessed wrong. I guessed the first one left of the one you picked. I like them both, or should I say I liked all of them. I love to re purpose things too. Your brother does a great job. Everyone in the family must take after MOM.

  4. My mistake again. I picked the one that was to the right of the one you got. I looked at the picture again and realized I wrote wrong, The one thought was to the right of the one you chose

  5. Our son also makes lamps from “junk”. He has made several for us. He gave me one made from an old sewing machine a couple years ago, and he even hung it in my sewing room for me. He, too, is very creative. He went through my husbands shop and picked out several things to make lamps. He made an “Iowa” lamp for us for our 50th anniversary last year. It was all made from things from his dad’s shop or Iowa. We get a lot of compliments on that lamp.

  6. All those lamps are amazing. Very talented brother. Sounds like the whole family is talented. Must be a fun time when you all get together.

    I pity the poor kiddo who has the nerve to touch Jo’s lamp. Hahaha seriously I doubt any of your regulars will touch it.

    Take care. Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  7. Judith Fairchild

    I couldn’t decide which you would pick. I’ve a friend whose daughter is into steam punk she would love a lamp like this. They are so great. I’m not sure which I would pick I like them all.
    That’s a Brother Guarantee, I’d say

  8. Amazing is right! A lot of creativity, a little steampunk, and using what’s right in front of him. Congratulations on your new lamp! And I hope your brother builds a great business.
    Love and prayers

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