Jimmy John from our Readers

Of all of the quilts that we have designed, our Jimmy John quilt has be far been the most popular.  (you can find the free pattern here).

The latest show and tell version is coming from Judy Sommerville (here’s a link to Judy’s blog), she writes, “I just wanted to show you my completed quilt. I used your pattern and just love it! I used Batik fabrics. This is the first quilt I have made with Batiks. I renamed it “Batik Zipper” because the pattern the rectangles make remind me of a zipper. I hope that’s okay to rename it. :) I had the folks at Missouri Star Quilt Company do the quilting on it.  Thank you for a fun blog and for the pattern for this quilt. I will use it again.”

Well thank you Judy for sharing your version with us….here it is.


I love it.  From the first time this idea came to me I’ve loved the pattern as I always thought it would make a great “guy” quilt…or a girl quilt.  Some patterns just don’t seem man-ly to me.

It’s a beauty for sure!!

Don’t think you need a jelly roll to make one, scraps work too.  The best part about the pattern is that it truly uses the whole jelly roll.

If you need a reminder, here’s our original version.

I do have to apologize to Judy.  She sent me an email back in December and I am finally featuring her quilt.  The work on the house left me as a “not so good” corresponder or blogger.  Sorry.  If I missed an email from anyone else, drop me another note.  I never have claimed that organization is anything I am good at.

Awesome quilt Judy.  Thanks for sharing!!

Next up we have another version this one is from Linda Egge.  You can find Linda’s blog at lequilts.blogspot.com.  She writes, “Last Christmas our son and daughter-in-law gave me several jelly rolls of bright fabrics. I kept my eye out for a pattern to make with those rolls. The minute I saw your Jimmy John pattern I knew that was what I wanted to make.  Since we spend much of the year in our motorhome, I like having projects that don’t require handling large pieces of fabric. So, I printed your pattern, cut some white fabrics into strips, grabbed the jelly rolls, and packed it all in a tote for our next Motorhome trip. In September we spent 2 1/2 weeks in Elkhart, Indiana. That is where I cut out and pieced the quilt top on my 1936 Singer Featherweight. In October while we were home for a week, I put the quilt sandwich together and basted it. I had a few days at home before Thanksgiving when I was able to do the quilting on my Elna sewing machine. Finally, this week while back in the motorhome along the Gulf Coast of Alabama, I finished hand sewing the label and binding. 

I plan to give the completed quilt to my daughter-in-law for Christmas this year. I didn’t have much space to lay out the quilt for a picture, but you can see it fairly well in this picture.
Thank you so much for the wonderful patterns that you so generously share on your blog. I am an avid follower of your blog and feel like we are friends even though we have never met.

What a sweet note.  Here’s Linda’s Jimmy John.


I love it these colors too.  The pattern is really versatile.  Awesome job and thanks for sharing Linda!

So have you tried out this free pattern yet??   What’s stopping you?

If anyone else would like to share your creations, drop me a note at rogjok@iowatelecom.net.

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  1. Thanks, Jo, for showcasing my version of Jimmy John. I thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt. I love when you show other people’s versions of your patterns. It’s fun to see how the patterns look in other color ways. I am flattered that you showed mine today.

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