Jimmy John: A Readers Vesion

I have recently gotten in a few photos of quilts made from our patterns.  I hope to share them with you over the next week.

Here is Tamara’s version of our Jimmy John quilt.

I just love seeing it in different color schemes.

Tamara writes: “Just wanted to thank you for the free pattern “Jimmy John”.  I made it at a quilting retreat this past weekend and have already started another one!  I have attached a picture of the top.  I did make a few changes on the borders.  I was wondering if you would mind if I made a couple of these to sell.  I would give pattern credit to you, of course.  Thanks again for a great pattern!”

If you want to check more about Tamara you can find her blog here.  She has made a second quilt using the same pattern and it also looks amazing.

I thought being Tamara asked I would address the question of making quilts to sell.  Kelli and I don’t mind at all if you make quilts from our patterns and sell them.  We surely would like to be credited for the pattern but that’s all we need.  We also don’t want mass production to be done.  Make up to 12 and sell them all.  The only thing Kelli and I do not want you to do with our patterns is to print out the pattern and sell the pattern.  The pattern is meant to be free for all.  No one should have to pay for the pattern and no one should profit from our printed pattern.

So yes Tamara…make them and sell them.  Good luck with your sales.  I hope your customers love the quilts as much as we loved ours.

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