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A bit ago I wrote a blog post about a quilt I had seen over on Country Thread’s blog.

I had wrote that it was made with a jelly roll and some extras and that I loved it.  Well last week I got an email from Jill K a long time blog reader thanking me for the blog post and idea for the quilt…well it really wasn’t my idea.  It was Mary’s but I still loved seeing the quilt.  Isn’t it great??

Jill writes, “Hi Jo!  A few weeks back you blogged about a quilt that you were going to make as a wedding gift. I think it was something that you saw on the Country Threads blog?  It was perfect for me. I had a jelly roll that I used 16 strips from and this was the perfect project to use up the rest of the strips. I decided to use the Browns and blacks from the group and pair them with two similar turquoise fabrics that I had. I’m so excited with how it turned out. It’s the perfect size for a donation quilt to the children’s hospital.  

I also have plans to make another quilt like this, using the leftover brights along with bright colored solids. Thanks so much for the inspiration! ”

The great idea and pattern are all completely and totally Mary’s.  I’m so happy that she shared it.  I’m happy Jill shared her version too.  I can totally see this a great charity quilt or a great “big kid” quilt.  It’s quick, easy and showcases fabrics nicely.

Here is Mary’s original quilt….I love it too.  She made her’s lap sized.  She used a jelly roll plus added strips.  You can read her post here to catch all the details on making it.

I’ve said it before and time and time again…there is something great in simplicity.

THANK YOU-THANK YOU for the free pattern Mary.

My version is still un-quilted….it’s full sized and eagerly waiting it’s turn on the quilt machine.


Thanks for the inspiration Jill…I think another might be in my future.

6 thoughts on “Jill’s Version”

  1. Sometimes I miss your blog because the internet is down or we’re gone. How do I get back to read those older post. Sometimes a button is there and sometimes not. I enjoy reading them in the evening when nothing interesting is on TV.
    Glad to hear your cast will be coming off soon. My husband is looking forward to getting rid of his neck brace that he has had to wear day and night since the first part of August. He is able to take it off a few minutes a day while eating. Cast or braces are so confining, but so worth it to heal correctly. Have a good Friday!

    1. Hmm…I think you likely click to read the post. Then you need to hit the back button and scroll down then you’ll see the previous postings. Thanks for the well wishes.

  2. I love Jill’s quilt! Nice to see it with a selected color palette – I’m making another one right now from shirts. Pictures soon!

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