Jelly Rolls, charms and layer cakes, Oh My!!

Yesterday I spent the day on the couch with the remote and an ice cream bucket.  It’s been years since I had the flu.  I awoke today to a phone call from my daughter wanting to go on a quilt shop run.  Who can resist that??  Not me!  Thankfully I was feeling better and even better news….the quilt shop had a FABULOUS sale!   Moda Charm packs $5 and jelly rolls and layer cakes were $20…I’ve never seen them that cheap!  So I had to buy some….LouAnn’s  had such great deals and lots to choose from.  I was really proud of myself that I only bought this….


I had to laugh at my daughter Kelli.  She bought some things too and had to come home and pet and reorganize all her purchases.  I just keep my jelly rolls rolled up until I use them…not Kelli….


Here she is unrolling and reorganizing. 

Tomorrow I am going to take the charm packs of the Charisma fabric and work on the a disappearing 9 patch quilt.  We have a wedding next weekend and I’d love to have it done for a gift.  I’m always running a little late.  Last weekend I finished and gave this quilt as a graduation gift.


This was made with a Moda’s Charisma charm pack and a little extra fabric.  The pattern is from Quilts and More Winter 2008 issue.  I should have taken a better picture..but like I said I am always running late and had to get it wrapped.

Check back and see what gets made out of these Moda charm packs and jelly rolls.  I hope I get lots sewn and can get back to LouAnn’s.  The sale runs to the end of the month….this could be dangerous to my checkbook…maybe my marriage too.

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  1. Hello Mother Dearest!

    Just a quick tip on the jelly roll quilt…When you are cutting the triangles, instead of laying it parallel to your body, it works better if you lay it perpendicular and then cut it…Just thought I would tell ya…

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