Jean’s Quilt and a Shirt Quilt

This morning’s post has brought a lot of excitement!!  The comment section has been busy as has my inbox.

People want to know more about the quilt.  They have tried tracking down a copy of the magazine and have had no luck.

I agree…it’s an awesome quilt!!

Someone said the pattern is available through Red Crinoline Quilts (Formerly Bonnie Blue Quilts).  I followed the link that was provided and YES…same quilt. Photo courtesy of Red Crinoline quilts.  (remember Jean made her’s bigger so they look a little different)

Glory Bound Pattern

The link to the pattern is here.


This pattern is from Quilt magazine, the December 2001/January 2002 issue for those of you who want to hunt through your stacks of old magazines to see if you can find it.

Also in my inbox was a question from Carol:
“On your blog entry about family gathering, you showed a picture of a quilt in a magazine that you sent to Kelli.  It was a black star on scrappy plaid background blocks.  Would you please give me the info for the magazine & date published?  I’d like to contact the magazine for a copy.”

It’s from this magazine….

The magazine says “Issue No. 60 Display until March 8, 1999”

But I have good news for you.  We did a pattern VERY similar to this.  It’s a free pattern you can find here.

You will need to make the reds all BLUE…and the squares in each individual block are all the same print…so all of the greens would be the same plaid and all the neutrals would be the same plaid.

Fun!  You have me wanting to make one now too.  Looks like I’ll be cutting shirts.  Oh my…that’s always such a mess!!

I hope that helps everyone out on their pattern pursuits.

4 thoughts on “Jean’s Quilt and a Shirt Quilt”

  1. Hi Jo–Thanks so much for the info on the Traditional Quiltworks Magazine–I found a copy on Ebay & have ordered it. Also–for Kelli (& you too!) there is a picture of a quilt made from plaid shirts on several Pinterest sites that I think is awesome. Not very difficult at all. It’s by Mary Reinhardt & is named “Easy Plaids Scrap Quilt.” I haven’t been able to find the pattern, but just yesterday Jenny @ Missouri Star Quilt Company posted a tutorial for her Two Step quilt & it looks to be very similar. I’ve got a bunch of 21/2-inch strips & 5 -inch squares of shirt fabric already cut so am hoping to get to make it soon.

    Hugs, Carol

  2. Would you be willing to share this pattern? I have tried to find this issue with no luck. Would love to make this quilt!

  3. Recently got bitten by the quilting bug and after finding nothing worth while in the scrap bin at the thrift store, I headed to the men’s shirts. I was really amazed at how many shirts were a cotton blend, while a small fraction were 100% cotton. Well thanks to you and Kelli I now have 10 shirts to add to may scrap pile and since that thrift store sells just about everything at .25, I’m only out $2.50. I think I see a new obsession starting! LOL

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