Jazzed up Oriental Ramens

Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention.  That’s what came about to have me making up a batch of what I call Jazzed up Oriental Ramens.  It’s not super fancy but I really love it.

I knew a couple of our girls would be home for lunch.  I didn’t know what to make.  I had an overabundance of cabbage ripening in the garden and that’s how forces joined.

Here’s what I did….

I started out browning one pound of pork sausage.  You could easily sub in hamburger.  I added in the last of the bag of baby carrots that were going bad.  I slivered them.  I added celery and an half of onion too.  Here they are all browned.

From there I cut up a small head of cabbage.  I totally forgot to take a picture.  I had three of the grandkids here and got sidetracked but image for me, a small head of cabbage chopped and put in the pan above.

I added a half cup of water to the pan and let it simmer until the cabbage was soft.

While that was cooking, in another pan I cooked two pack so Oriental Ramen noodles.  I just cooked the noodles.  I added the season packets to the cabbage that was cooking.

I also added these spices….
No…I didn’t measure it out…just a shake or two of them all.  The one in the back is garlic powder.

About then I looked in the refrigerator and saw I have two ears of sweet corn that I thought I could use up too so I cut the corn off the cobs and threw that is too along with several generous shakes of soy sauce.

I am a real casual cook…use what have, shakes and no measurements….it wall turns out just fine.  Here’s how it looked.  You can see that cabbage totally cooked down.

I had a bowl full right away…I love this kind of food.  It’s easy and simple and uses up the things that need to get used up.  I love no waste type of meals.

I would be sure to put a little extra soy sauce on the table when serving this.  I had the grandkids here and then don’t use as much soy sauce as I might otherwise use.

In the past I’ve made this only used chicken for the meat and used chicken flavored ramen noodles.  If I have more people eating I add another pack of ramens…2 or 3 packs works fine.

Not a fancy meal, not a glamorous meal but seriously…I love it.

10 thoughts on “Jazzed up Oriental Ramens”

  1. curiosity== will you be making kraut with your cabbage ??
    also, you might have some insight into the celery seed “thing” most of the time i am challenged to easily locate this one here in CA, one clerk even made the comment oh that must be a midwest thing. granted i did not learn my cooking skills in ca but have been here decades/ any insight ??

  2. That really sounds good, and healthy. I always like cooked cabbage and then with all the other goodies, can’t go wrong. You are very resourceful! Hope you have a good rest of weekend.

  3. Beryl in Owatonna

    Sounds very good!! I have done similar…I use Italian sausage, a bag of coleslaw , soy sauce. and ot seems I have put minced garlic and or minced onion. I really like it too. I live alone, it is easy and re-heats easily. I have made it for my Brother and SIL, I don’t think they were impressed, no request for me to make it again!!

    I throw stuff together for baked beans and chili too…it is never the same. I know some who follow a recipe to the T, drives me crazy!!

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Thanks for the recipe I have a head of cabbage and wondering what to make with it.
    Have you ever baked the cabbage with ham? It’s really good.

  5. Loved reading that others just throw things together too. I’m not a good cook, just passable. So it’s pretty hit and miss with my improv meals. When I do make something good without a recipe I can never duplicate it!! But no one goes hungry so there’s that lol

  6. Rose Marie Gersema

    You are so amazing. Mr. Food had a similar recipe recipe recently. Inly it didn’t have the noodles. But hubby liked it. Almost like an egg toll without the wrap. The noodles will be in it next time.
    Been following you for about a yr. Found you on bloglovin. But I dont always get any more posts than that. So ck your website. I’m an Iowa gal, too.
    Love reading about your family. Do you date your posts? Or have them archived. Not real good navigating websites sometimes. But certainly love yours. Thanks.

    1. Rose Marie, I do date my posts and I do have an archive. I’ve been blogging since 2009. WOW.. a long time. There is an archive button if you scroll down, you can find it on the right-hand side. If my post doesn’t appear in Bloglovin then sometimes you to unsubscribe and then resubscribe.

  7. That sounds really good. Put that in your recipe file. Jo. Cooked cabbage is the best added to many dishes. Thanks

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