Jasper’s Chores

A guest post from Kayla…

Our son Jasper loves to be part of whatever Dad is doing. We put a swing in the basement so he can “help” Spencer do laundry or work on the updates. He HATES being inside if Spencer isn’t. One day he was fussing and fussing inside with me so I just parked his highchair outside and he watched Spencer change oil. He was so happy!

He loves to clean. It is hard to vacuum with him around because he wants to be close and watch the dust swirl. When we are done cleaning him from eating he takes his washcloth and wipes surfaces. He has a mini cleaning set and walks around the house pushing a broom.

He feels most proud of himself when he can do “chores.” Back in November, we started having him put his own laundry down our chute.

Now that he can walk, any piece of laundry is all his. We have to get our laundry folded quickly or he will pick it up and try to put it down the chute!

It is fun to watch him be so proud of himself over something so simple.

He is at a really fun age where he is showing so much maturity but still reminds us he is just a baby. For example, he goes to put his laundry down the chute but then grabs the toilet paper. He is happily coloring a picture but then randomly eats the crayon.

I knew that I wanted to have a child, but anticipated just bearing the baby years so I could enjoy older kids. We have been really surprised by how much we have loved being Jasper’s parents all along.

19 thoughts on “Jasper’s Chores”

  1. What a lovely little boy you have. Watching Jasper putting the laundry down the shute really made me smile! Made a great start to my day – I’m reading blogs in bed whilst I have my cup of tea before I get up and get going.

  2. Jasper is a beautiful baby and his smile just melts my heart. His little personality is developing quite well, he is going to be a helper in life.

  3. Carmen Montmarquet

    What a cutie he is! Love this age and Jasper was so fun to watch. Thank You! It sure did put a smile on my face this morning!

  4. What a cutie and such a big helper! You are doing it right – teaching him when he is little. I loved watching the videos.

    1. yes, they do. It was nice seeing another part of the family even if it was because the twins are still in the hospital. God Bless to All.

  5. There isn’t anything as magical as children. Jasper is such a cute baby with a smile to light up a room! Thanks for sharing the videos.

  6. So cute and what fun. As a babe he knows what he wants and what he can do!

    You are not alone in this. My little sister said the only reason she had babies is so she could be with them after age 2 when they could be active with her and learn. So glad you’re enjoying this early phase of Jaspar’s life. It’s a BONUS! :-)

    Happy weekend to you and everyone in the Kramer strong clan!

  7. Beverly Douglas

    That is so cute! The look on his face is priceless. My 18 month old grandson likes to help put away dishes from the dishwasher. He hands the dishes to my daughter and she puts them on the shelves. And he likes to put things away. Where did this come from? Certainly not from her LOL!

  8. well this is too cute and provided a trip down memory lane. Our daughter loved going through the motions of baking a cherry pie just like Nanny at a very early age. Sort of drove home the lesson that however young they are, they are being observant of what folks are doing
    thank you for sharing. He is such a happy delightful little guy,

  9. How nice to have the chute a safe distance up the wall so he can help. Ours is low so we closed it up while the kids were young. I was so happy to reopen it! Jasper and all his cousins are so adorable!

  10. That is so sweet to watch Jasper doing his chores. I remember saying how much I enjoyed our daughter every little bit older she got. In retrospect, I guess I enjoyed just about every age! The laundry chute brought back memories. Just wait til he starts putting his toys (and everything else) down the chute and/or taking turns with his cousins or other kids catching them from below. Oh the games we played (to my mother’s chagrin) with the laundry chute! My brothers even figured out how to go down it themselves, lol.

  11. What a cutie!! Such a “big boy” already and love that smile-! Watching babies and little ones grow, and learn is such an amazing thing. Maybe it’s my age– cause I’m OLD!!! I’m always wondering what is exactly going through their minds, from the moment they are born. So enjoyed seeing this, but enjoy each and every one so much!!

  12. So adorable! So smart letting them participate in chores. It becomes second nature and is accepted as life as normal so that chores are not something imposed by “unfair parents”!

    As a parent, I always said this is “my favorite age!” at each age. Now as grandparents, my HH is experiencing many of these ‘firsts’ as we care for our grandbabies, and we find ourselves saying “this is my favorite age” !

  13. Jasper has the best smiles and I loved seeing the videos. I used to put our playpen in the garage or outside when my husband was working around the house. So cute to see it still works. Thanks for sharing the joy of being Jaspers parents.

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