Jasper is in the House

We had a family day on Wednesday.  All of my girls were home.  Who was the star attraction…JASPER, Kayla’s little guy.

Jasper was born January 11th.  Initially I saw him three times I think…then Covid and I didn’t see him at all.  It’s been two months.  My he’s grown.  Jasper is a big time smiler and a sweet guy.  Here Kalissa is playing with him.

Well being he was coming the other girls wanted to see him so they came too.  4 of the 7 grandkids were at my house.  WOW.  It’s good our house is as big as it is!!

We’re an odd family…well at least I think we aren’t the norm.  We all do little jobs or projects while we visit.  We don’t just sit still.  I think the girls wouldn’t mind sitting completely still but they all know I’m a bit of a busy body so we all do something.

Kayla was supposed to fix this…It’s Carver’s “bit”.  She knit this for him as his baby quilt and 3 1/2 years later, it’s seen better days.

She ended up putting a patch over the hole and hoped for the best.  The next time she is here, she’ll patch some more.  Carver was unwilling to part with long enough that she could take it home and give it a proper fix.

Speaking of Kayla she gave me a gift while she was home…New knitted socks she made!!  I’m stealing the picture from her blog because if I took a picture of them now, they would in my laundry hamper.  I love them and obviously already have worn them twice.  You can read all about here on Kayla’s blog HERE.  She shares all the specifics about the yarn and pattern.

Finished Waffle Knit Socks for Mom

I’m so impressed with the progress she’s made over the years with her knitting.

To date, Kelli hadn’t stitched on 40 count linen so I gave her my project and made her stitch for a bit to try it out.  She ended up pretty excited about it.

After that, Kelli and Carver were tasked with finding out the thread count on some linen a blog reader had sent.  Kelli was “teaching” Carver how how to do it.  Here she is putting pins in an inch apart.

You can see them in the fabric here.  Then she counts the threads between the two pins.
This piece had 28 threads so it’s 28 count.  She’s writing it on the paper here.  Carver is practicing writing a 2 and an 8.  Kelli is so good with him.

Then she helped him pin the paper onto the linen so we know the count of it.

Kelli is so good at teaching and explaining things to him.  Obviously we know he’s not going to be cross stitching on linen at 3 1/2 years old but he can work on the math by counting and writing.  I think it also give him the start of an appreciation for handwork…seeing Kayla fixing his “bit”…seeing Kelli stitching and counting on the linen.

It was a fun day with all the girls here.  It felt so much more like normal.  I miss normal.  Kayla and Jasper stayed overnight.  Kayla and I stayed up late talking with Karl.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done that!!  I can though if I’m not doing childcare.

As much as I love the girls being here just having Kayla and Jasper was nice.  I had Jasper to myself and didn’t have to worry about food and cooking as much.  All in all, it was a great Wednesday!!  I’m so happy our family loosened things enough that we are seeing each other (as long as everyone acts responsibly during the time we are apart).    Family was the only thing I really, really missed.  Shopping and doing all the social stuff, I didn’t miss that a bit.  What a blessing to see Jasper!!

10 thoughts on “Jasper is in the House”

  1. Smith Rebecca

    I love Kelli’s shirt, where can I find one? It is so nice to finally spend some time with others. Our family too has made the decision that we’re okay with seeing one another.

  2. So fun! When I am with my sisters we, too, like to keep busy although we sometimes enjoy just visiting now that we are getting older. Your girls are all very talented and have beautiful children – so much for you to be proud of.

  3. So glad you had some normal time together! My has little Jasper grown! It is important for your grandchildren to have grandma time. This makes life worth living.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    How precious is the time we get to spend with family. Especially Grandchildren. Children Are wonderful to have. Grandchildren are a double blessing. Jasper is Adorable. All your grand babies are cuteness personified.

  5. My mom never would let me work on anything when we visited family, even if others were working on something. Because we lived the furtherest away, we did see family often. Enjoy the family.

  6. Hi Jo!
    Love the socks. I used to knit them as well, but could never get that process down for closing the toes properly. Got to see my sister for the first time yesterday, it was wonderful! Its time to allow families back together – carefully. So glad for you to be able to be with your kids!

  7. Nancy Angerer

    So glad you had this family time with your girls and their children. One of our granddaughters has been with us ever since her university closed in March. It has been such a blessing to have her here, but sadly she will be flying home tomorrow. She is taking her last final today, and then it is packing time. Her home is in CA. We moved from IL to AL 7 years ago. We have always lived so far from our daughter and her family that we have not had much contact with them. I have loved having this time with our granddaughter and getting to know her, her diligence, her humor. I think it has been her presence and my sewing which has kept me from feeling isolated during this pandemic.

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