Jason’s Famed Carhart Sweatshirt

A post from Kelli–

For as long as I can remember, Jason has always had a certain Carhart sweatshirt.  It has been through the ringer–quite literally–many times.

For the longest time I would offer to buy him a new one if he would just get rid of his old ratty one.  He always refused, once telling me that I could get hime a new one, but he wouldn’t wear it because his facorite one was just so comfortable.

Here’s the famed shirt.  It was once a lighter off white color more so than it’s gross and stained gray.  Each time I washed it, I would point out its stains and flaw and offer to get him a new one.  He kept saying no, so eventually I quit offering.

Each time I’d point out its flaws and eventually quit fixing them, hoping that he’d eventually just quit wearing it and throw it away.  Here you can see that its ripped on the side from the rib area through the arm pit and up about half way down his arm.

His mom and I would conspire about how we were going to throw it away, however if we tried to take it from him, he’d keep questioning us and want to know where it was.  Here you can see that the bottom waist band had come off.  For the longest time, he’d just let it hang there until for some reason it got cut off.  I don’t know if he got sick of it or if his mom cut it off.  Either way, I pulled it out of the wash the other day and told him I was going to just throw it away because it was getting a bit ridiculous.

Much to my surprise, he said okay.  My jaw about hit the floor.  He said that since the bottom waist band got cut off, his belly gets a little cold, so he doesn’t really want to wear it much anymore.  So I could throw it away.  Just like that…..You can bet though, if I knew that a few years ago, I’d have just cut that darned band off.  I even offered to buy him a new one.  He said he didn’t really need any as he had gotten some new ones from the Co-op and started wearing some of his previous “good ones” for chorse because he got the new ones.

So into the garbage it went!

And that is how the lovely Carhart sweatshirt met its end.  I tell ya, Jason is about the most easy going guy that I know.  And that something that I completely love about him!

9 thoughts on “Jason’s Famed Carhart Sweatshirt”

  1. My dad would always wear the most ragged chore sweatshirts and coats! I felt they were actually hazardous around machinery!! Anyway, he would always say that it kept the salesmen from pestering him all the time, because they would look at him and think that he probably couldn’t afford anything :) Ha, ha..

  2. Debra Hageman—–Your dad sounds just like my husband! Some of his quilted flannel jackets are soooo bad, but he won’t let me get rid of them.

  3. My husband is a hawk with his clothes. I think he would keep everything her had ever owned, clothing and other stuff, if he could get away with it! Thank goodness I have a minimalist side lol. I bet you are an inspiration to many, Kelli, with your cheerful attitude.

  4. My husband & I are guilty of this too. Must be a farmer thing. We both have sweatshirts from high school we still wear for chores and we’re 37 & 38! Ha ha!

  5. My dad would wear this awful looking outfit when working on the car or out in the yard. He had it for years and every time he put it on, you knew he was on a mission. Nice to see so many men like this! Not so nice they hang onto these to work on but getting rid of them (the clothes – not the guys) is another task!
    DH also does this – but he’s more than willing to toss something not fixable. The trouble is something he replaces it with might be just as bad! LOL!

  6. My husband has multiple t-shirts and coveralls that fit this same description! And, stacks of new ones still in the original packages waiting to be used. Some are 20 years new!


    I can understand about the sweatshirt. My husband was a machinist for 33 years, working on pieces that weighed a ton or more. They were building some of the worlds largest earth movers. So in the summer he wore his stained and ratty work T shirts that no amount of washing could get clean. And in the winter he would wear the sweatshirts my mom got him for Christmas every year, I asked him why he wore rags to work and he said his shirts were rags for a reason, if he got them in a machine they would tear instead of him tearing. After a few funerals of his friends, I never asked again, exp. when they were averaging 2 a year. After he got medically retired, he threw them all out and bought some nice stuff to wear. So good luck and Happy New year to you and yours. Maybe he has a reason too.

  8. I”m about to sew a seam closed on some pj pants that my husband tells me might be over 25 years old. I think they look pretty good for that age but I’m not going to patch them forever, if you know what I mean!.

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