January Quilt Square Quilt Along Reveal

Last fall, when I was hopping around the internet I came across Lori Smith’s Quilt Square patterns and loved them.  I wanted to make the mini quilts and tried to persuade our daughter Kelli to make them with me.  After a brain storm session, we decided to invite all of you to make them with us.  We had no idea how fun it would be or how many of you would want to quilt a long with us.  We are so glad you did.

Being so many of you have DSL, I know picture loaded posts are hard so I am writing two separate posts today about the quilt a long.  This one has all the finished January quilts…  The next post will reveal February’s quilt block and tell you about the giveaways for the January participants from Country Threads, Ackfeld Manufacturing and Moda.  If you weren’t able to join us for January…that’s okay.  Join us for February or whatever months it works for you and your schedule. (see the next block and prizes here)

Many of you have been having fun with this.  Three friends, Nan, Brenda and Sarah got together and had a sewing day together to create their blocks.  Here’s Nan’s block…


and Brenda’s….


And Sarah’s.  What fun to sew with friends!


This one from Sue R is finished and quilted.


Here’s Barb’s done in blues and creams.


Here’s one from another Barb who is in Florida for the Winter…lucky girl.


Here’s one from Cheryl who was thinking patriotic themed.


Deb G in Virginia made this block.  It looks so nice hanging in that stand.

QuiltSquareQuiltAlong-Deb G in VA

This one is from Debbie who decided to make TWO!

QuiltSquareQuiltAlong-Debbie B

Jenelle, who is celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary, sent this one.


Johanna made this one.


Lani, my fellow Country Threads fan, made this one.


Here’s one from Mary.


This one was made by Nancy.


Pam did some creative stitching to accent her block.


This one with the yellow pinwheel is from Sandy.


Sue already has her’s up and is enjoying it.


This is from Sylvia.  I love her use of medium colored lights…love it!


Here’s one from Judy.  I love the pinks and browns.


Here is Jan’s block.  I had somehow lost Jan’s block but it’s found and right where it needs to be!!


Here’s one from Lori in Wisconsin who hopes to put the blocks all together at the end of the year.


WOW!!  I am impressed with all the blocks.  Great work ladies.  If you didn’t see my finished blocks you can see them here and if you didn’t see the blocks that the gals from Country Threads made, you can see them here.  If  your picture got lost in the HUGE stack of email related to my giveaway (find that here), I SO apologize.  (I have a gut feeling that one got lost but I’ve looked for a half hour and can’t find it) Send it to me again and I’ll sneak it in here.  Now it’s time for all of you in blog land to add you pictures to the linky party here.

Stop back later today, I’ll show you the photos of the prizes all January participants are illegible to win plus I will show you February’s block….

8 thoughts on “January Quilt Square Quilt Along Reveal”

  1. Isn’t it fun to see all the various blocks and color combinations! I hope to do some of the other minis that were in this pattern package. . . once I clear the clutter in my sewing room. Question: Where did people buy the little mini quilt stand that fits this block so perfectly? I love it!

  2. These all look so great! I joined the party late, received the patterns last Thursday so my block is not quite finished. But now that I have my head wrapped around little quilts, I can’t wait to make more! Thanks Jo for helping me step out of my comfort zone!

  3. I sent my square on Saturday the 28th, and understand that it didn’t make it to you. I have resent it today….did you receive it? I hope so, I sure would like to be in the drawing……thanks so much!!

  4. Gosh they all look great. I almost missed the linky party…somehow I thought it wasn’t until the last day of the month. Happy that I got my block done yesterday. Look forward to the bear paw block. Will Lori’s #2 be necessary for March? I’ve got to order the pattern and don’t want any time wasted waiting on the mail delivery. Sandi

  5. Thanks so much for hosting this! It was fun. Looking forward to Bear Paw block. Now I know I do not have to wait until the very last day to post… not that I’ll be very far ahead of that. Plus, I enjoy your blog. Happy Stitching!

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