Jack Pot!! Curb Alert!

I was on the computer writing blog posts.  I was waiting for pictures to load and flipped over to Facebook to see what was new.

I saw a curb alert post…Yahoo!!  Karl was on his way home and would be driving right past it.  If you don’t know what curb alerts are, it’s when people put stuff out on their curb and it’s free for the taking!

I texted Karl the address and told him to stop.

There had been pictures in the post…I sent him these two.  I hoped he could get the washtubs and the base for them…

…and I hoped he could get this pressure canner.

I’ve never had a pressure canner.  I’ve only done water bath canning.  I’ve never wanted to fork over the $130 for one even though I’ve always thought of getting one.

I was hopeful but I didn’t know how long the post was up or if someone else would beat him there.

Well, Karl came home and guess what he had with…The pressure canner!!

Now I was hopeful that there was actually a pressure canner in the box.  There was and LOOK!!  I don’t think it ever came out of the box!  I am so excited.  SO EXCITED!!

I looked this brand up and it was between $130 and $150 depending on who was selling it.

Karl was SUPER excited.  They had a “growler” jug from one of his favorite breweries.  Karl said, “MOM, why didn’t you tell me this was there??”  I guess I had my sights on the pressure cooker!!

Karl also got snowshoes.  He’s excited for those too.  He loves trying things like this.

He also found a dusty record player.  There wasn’t a cord but he’s sure one of his here will work.

Guess what else??  He got the set of washtubs.

There were other things there…he just had his car and that was enough really.

But…the story continues.  After Karl got home all night all he could think of was the bikes that were there.  He knew of a place that takes old bikes and refurbishes them, then gives them away for free.

Karl is a great guy and cares about the needy…and cares about his carbon footprint.  So he asked me if he could take my pickup in the morning and go see if some bikes were still there.  I said sure!  I love that he wants to help others.

Many of the bikes needed tires pumped up, are missing a seat, or have something that makes them “not quite perfect”.    There was one bike in the bunch I had my eye on…

This one.

Karl was so sweet.  He pumped up the tires and let me take it for a spin.  Oh my…I was in love.

I have an old 10 speed that belonged to one of our kids, that was given to a different one of the kids that was left here when they all moved out.  It wasn’t the best but for the amount of bike riding I did, it worked.

I really enjoy taking Rosie on a bike ride.  I hook her to the leash and hold the leash while I ride.  She runs along with me and we both really enjoy it.

This is definitely a “grandma” bike.  The tires are wide.  They have fun white sidewalls.  It’s single speed and the only way to stop is pedal backward…but for the bike riding I do, it’s perfect!!  It rides so much better than my old bike.  Seriously, I’m thrilled.

The handlebars are a little rusty, you can see that in the first picture) but Karl is going to fix that for me…and he did!!

He put my bike basket on but then had a talk with me that he thought I should get a brown basket to go on the bike.  I use a bike basket a lot as I ride over to Kalissa’s and bring things back and forth.  He said, “I’d take your black basket if you bought yourself a new brown basket”.  I fell for it and ordered this…

It’s the same as my black basket, which I love, only brown.  You can find them HERE on Amazon.

I got the basket when I had my foot surgery and was using a knee scooter.  I couldn’t carry anything from place to place and it was PERFECT for the scooter.  I did childcare while I was laid up and the basket was a Godsend.  I’d load up all the condiments for lunch and serve them from my basket.  It made putting away groceries doable too.

Anyway…back to my bike.  Karl is going to hit up the bike shop and get me a reflector for the front and a rearview mirror.  Then I think I’ll be all set.  I’m so excited!!

Karl gave the bike to me and said “Happy Birthday Mom”.  We had the best night fixing it up. I’ll be donating my bike to his cause.

All I can say is that someone’s curb alert sure made mine and Karl’s day!!

30 thoughts on “Jack Pot!! Curb Alert!”

  1. Wow, that’s a cool idea! I never heard of that.

    Beautiful bike! Please be careful taking Rosie. My husband did that; fell and had to have surgery on his thumb. My friend’s husband broke his collarbone doing the same.

    Are the washtubs for planting flowers?

  2. Wow jack pot is right. I see you have a lot of sewing machine drawers in your garage. What will you use them for and how will do attach them together? Just wondering because I have 4 myself.

    1. Hi Pat…I do have lots of sewing drawers. Kramer was going to make a couple of projects with them. Now I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them being he passed away.

  3. You got some great finds for a free stop. Lucky you. Thank you for sharing your life with everyone. I very much enjoy reading your stories. Thank you.

  4. I love the fun of finding things like you did! And all for free! Karl is really a sweet guy and so helpful. You are blessed. I prefer one-speed bikes and not have to figure out about changing gears. Have fun with all your items.

  5. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    I’ve never heard of curb alert but in our area we have the “free corner”. Locals put out good used items for anyone to take at a certain location, the rules are: no junk, no garbage and if an item is still there after 24 hours it must be taken to the dump. When we moved this summer we got rid of truckloads of stuff we no longer needed or wanted, everything was gone in a couple of hours. This idea is so awesome. Glad you got such wonderful finds, I’m especially envious of the washtubs and stand! Enjoy!

  6. THAT IS SOOOOOO COOL!!!!!! We don’t have that habit here.

    I did however, find a Facebook group for my section of our city. I’ve given away some things this way. Then I feel a bit bad as the Thrift Store is not getting the income and my specific one supports programs for troubled teens. So I still keep a box going for them as well.

    Cheers to your NEW BIKE!!!!!! :-)

  7. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!! It’s been a tough day and it just feels good to read your story. Karl is such a kind caring man. Of course, he learned from the best.

  8. Hi Jo, you definitely hit the jackpot! What did Karl use to remove the rust on the handlebars? Mine need some sprucing up.

  9. Congrats on the pressure cooker, what a find. Plz consider getting brakes for your bike…pedaling backward is not a safety thing…and a helmet. So excited that you found awesome recycling…good for the earth!

  10. Wow! You were blessed! I used to pressure can but cant get mine to work anymore and yes, the new ones are so expensive. Canned venison and chicken are so good!

  11. Judith Fairchild

    I had never seen a curb alert till my daughter posted one on FB yesterday. You got a haul and a half. Those washtubs and the pressure canner alone are such a find then when you add in the bikes and other things oh my yes. Thanks to the folk who put it out and to Karl for bringing it to you.
    Those sewing machine drawers in a desk style or cabinet style wooden box woul be awesome for keeping your hand work supplies in. Or close to your sewing place with all the things you need at hand when sewing. I would suggest asking Buck for help with it.

  12. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    How fun, Jo! You found some real treasures. Your new bike basket is very cute; maybe Rosie would like riding in it? I know there are many creative uses for the laundry tubs; what is your plan?

  13. Wow! Some great finds! Around here people put things out on certain days for the garbage, but no one is allowed to take something if they could use it. In fact, they can charge you with something, not sure how much. I think your way is so much better.

  14. Lucky find that canner. I too have always water bathed canned veg, fruits, etc but always wanted a pressure canner so I could can things with meat in them like soups and such.

  15. Just a thought, have you thought about getting one of those flashing lights for your bike? So many people are driving distracted and it would help you to stand out.
    Great haul on your “curb alert”!

  16. I would have taken it all. I see many thing there I could use. I have those same wash tubs in a stand. I loved them. Your really got lucky with this one. It is the way I get my shopping done, is free things on the curb.

  17. I love the washtubs! And I can’t believe you even got the stand! I have two washtubs just like that but without the stand. JACKPOT!! Good for you!

  18. Those wash tubs take me back to my childhood growing up on our farm. We had a wringer washing machine because my dad said our septic system wouldn’t support an automatic washing machine. I was the youngest of seven and we only washed on Saturdays. In the winter we would go to the laundry mat to wash our clothes. I was 12 when we moved to town and 13 when we finally bought a regular washing machine. When I tell me about using a wringer washer they can’t believe it as I’m only in my 50’s and they associate wringer washing machines with an older generation.

  19. What great finds and for free! Your bike is super cute an so glad Karl will be able to donate some to a great cause.

  20. Lucky!!! I have washtubs but no stand. Like an earlier reader said, it was my job to wash clothes with the old wringer washer and I remember those tubs on stands well.

    Yay for your new bike! I have a couple in the garage that were the kids or grandkids. I suspect they may need a bit of work. I wish there was a place here that would take them and use them.

  21. Roberta Campbell

    For sure you and I have the same type of thinking. I love your family and only know them thru your blog. Thanks for what you share with all of us out here in the blog zone.

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