Jack Pot…Bow Ties!

As I was packing in the sewing room I came across the strips that I had left over from the Perkioman Daydreams quilts.  If you remember my daughter requested this for her wedding quilt.  I pulled out the box excited because I thought the bags looked pretty full.


This bag had strip #3’s.


This bag was even fuller with #5’s.


It looks like we better count these up before we sew too many or I’ll end with a HUGE stack like I have of 4-patches…remember?

Well after I picked up the strip sets I saw something underneath in the box…BOW TIES!!  I forgot all about that I had made bow ties from Bonnie’s Bow Tie Challenge.  I was excited to see them….Super excited.  I wondered if I have enough for the quilt.


I started counting.  Wow..I had over 100  —  In fact I had 132!!  Impressive right??  WRONG!


I went to the book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders and found that 132 is a drop in the bucket.  I need 729 for the quilt!

Initially I was a little disappointed that I didn’t have very many…but then I thought silly girl!  I didn’t even remember that I had any– so 132 is an awesome number!  Better yet, as I dug deeper into the cupboard I found that I had cut out many more and they are ready to sew.


The next problem I have…I don’t know if I have more of this cheddar colored fabric.  I am guessing that if I dig I’ll find more.  I seem to remember buying a large amount of it.  If not, I’ll just start digging into my cheddar scraps and make the backgrounds scrappy.

So it looks like I better package this all up together and add it to the UFO list.  I am thinking that once I finish up my spool quilt that I’ll pull this one out and get working on it.

5 thoughts on “Jack Pot…Bow Ties!”

  1. Hope you find more of the cheddar fabric. So glad that step 5 of Bonnie’s mystery was an easy one! Now to try and catch up on step 2. . .I have everything else done, which is unusual for me. . .this might be my first mystery that doesn’t become a UFO! Hoping and praying that things move along at the house and that painting isn’t too horrible. I would guess some of your fabulous kids will help you. . .that should make it easier and a family memory. Hang in there, my friend!

  2. I finished my Bow Ties for your UFO Challenge. It’s a Flimsy – To Be Quilted in 2015.
    I didn’t have 700+ in mine either. Make it as big as you have fabric for and add a couple borders. Voila! you have anothe Bonnie Quilt. Lucky you found them now hiding with parts for the Wedding quilt you won’t have to sew. Happy Painting and Stitching in the coming week and New Year!

  3. Oh yummy Bow ties–I love cheddary fabrics and scrappy would be fine I think…what a jack pot find for you! I started some of BH’s too, but only have a paltry 23!! I think a table topper will be my style…hugs, Julierose

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