Izzy Update

Izzy continues to be the model foster dog.  I got her on Tuesday the 4th.  At that time, she hadn’t been in a house living her first 5 months outdoors.  Since then, Izzy has had two accidents in the house, and honestly, I take the blame for one of the accidents.

Last week Kelli came over with her kiddos so they could meet Izzy.

Emmett immediately… loved Izzy.

Georgie loved Izzy.

Kelli loved Izzy.

Eli, well that was a different story.  Eli was scared to death of Izzy.  He just froze and screamed if Izzy got anywhere near him.

That was so weird because Eli loves Rosie and their dog too.  He doesn’t hesitate at all with either of them.

Kelli worked super hard with Eli.  Izzy was gentle and kind and didn’t do a thing to provoke Eli to be upset.  When Eli did start screaming Izzy stayed calm and was great.

After about an hour, Eli was just fine with Izzy.

He even started coming up to her on his own.

On Thursday Izzy goes to the vet to get spayed.  Then she’ll be ready for adoption.

Her new family is going to have the best dog.  Here are the characteristics I love about her already.

-She had previously not been on a leash.  She does great and doesn’t pull.  I have no problems walking her anywhere.

-She is very smart.  Already she sits on command and is starting to get the hang of the “Down” command.  She is extremely teachable.

-She is a wonderful playmate for another dog.  Rosie and her romp and are the best of friends.  I always wanted a playmate for Rosie as me on my own…I’m not very exciting.  I can see Rosie really does need another dog.

-She is GREAT with kids.  My childcare kids love her.  My grandkids love her.

-She is great in a kennel.  No whining or whimpering.

-She had grabbed a few toys…after all, she is a puppy but she immediately drops the toy when I tell her to.

-She is super calm.  Rosie is a nervous Nelly and Izzy actually helps Rosie not be so anxious.  That super calmness she has even rolls over on me.  I really think she has the potential to be a therapy dog going into a nursing home and visiting residents.  She is just that calming.

-Unlike any previous dog I’ve had, she is just fine with grooming.  She doesn’t mind being brushed and she loves getting her ears cleaned.

-She likes to play with toys and easily entertains herself.  She isn’t a shadow dog.

-She has wonderful toenails that don’t click on the wood floors.  She totally sneaks up on m all of the time.

-She really doesn’t seem to care about what’s going on outside and isn’t a “nosey neighbor dog”.

-She doesn’t mind if the kids pick her up.

-She sits politely when I attach her leash and doesn’t get all jumpy.

I could go on and on about Izzy.  She’s a lot of good all wrapped up in one package. The family that gets her is going to be so lucky.

I’m happy to say the family that gets her is going to be mine.  YEP, I’m a foster fail the first time out.  As you all know, I had been looking for a dog.  I fully intended on getting another beagle…but Izzy found her way to me and I’m no longer attached to the beagle breed as the only dog for me.

It really surprises me to say that.  In all of my life, I never wanted a long-haired dog.  I never wanted a dog that had to go to the groomer.  I didn’t really like black dogs-we’ve had black labs and any photography with them is hard.

I fell in love with her personality.  It completely won me over.  I had started thinking about adopting her about 24 hours into foster care.  She was just so nice.  Then the tables turned and I decided not to.  She would “hold court” on her dog bed that I had put under the kitchen table thinking it would make her feel safe.  Rosie would come by and Izzy would start growling at her and even lunge at her.  Rosie got super timid and would only stay at the perimeter of the room.  She was afraid of Izzy.

At this point, I wondered if I could keep Izzy in my foster care if she was going to be aggressive.  I even contacted them telling them about the situation in case things started getting worse.

I was determined to be able to foster so…thought it through. I took her bed out from under the table.  I filled a squirt bottle with water.  I took it everywhere with me and every time she did anything remotely aggressive toward Rosie, I squirted her with the bottle.  That behavior ended the next day and they have been friends ever since.  They are total buddies now and I love it.

I think I had let Izzy think she was in charge and let her sad start to life get the best of my emotions as I was feeling sorry for her.  In the end, she needed a little tough love and push down a more friendly path.  I’m glad I snapped out of it and helped her through that rough patch.

So then a few days after that, I was back to wanting to adopt her.  I was so surprised with myself as I truly NEVER would have thought I’d EVER get a long-haired dog that needed a groomer.  NEVER.  Several times a day I could remind myself that I was going to have to pay for a groomer.  I’d remind myself that she was a long-haired black dog.  I reminded myself that she wasn’t a beagle.  AH!!!  It was so not me.  Nothing like me.

But…Izzy came to me and showed herself to be just the dog I needed…just the dog Rosie needed and just the dog our entire family needed.

I contacted Heart Animal Rescue, the group I am doing foster care for.  I told them I wanted to adopt her.  I already had an approved adoption on file back when I want to adopt the beagle I had seen back at the beginning of this year.  That adoption application was still good…so they said yes.  I could.  I have to pay the same fees as everyone else and I’m more than happy with that.  The adoption fee is a steal at only $250.  That includes the grooming, all shots, microchip, and being fixed.  In the short time I’ve had her she’s already worth all of that.

So you’re likely going to ask if I’m going to keep fostering…if I can give a dog away.  The answer is YES and YES.  I previously did foster care and I didn’t have a problem giving a dog away at all.  They were cute and fun for the time I had them but was always able to pass them on knowing the next family who got them would love them.  Izzy is the first dog that told me I couldn’t let her go.

The adoption won’t be final for a few days.  She’ll get spayed and then we wait a couple of days before I can sign the paperwork and she’s mine.

Several people have contacted me inquiring about adopting Izzy.  She’s not available…the little pup that came into care with her that looks like her, Cookie, will be posted after her spay.  I’ve heard good things about her so maybe you could consider her.

HERE is a link to the current animals waiting for adoption through Heart Animal Rescue.  There are more that will be listed coming up.  There are three sweet little Cocker Spaniels who are double merle breed leaving the little pups with some type of disability with some blindness or deafness waiting for someone to love them.  Does anyone have a special place in their heart to take on a pup with disabilities?  They are just precious.

So…that’s the latest edition to the Kramer family.  Watch for upcoming posts about Izzy because you’re all going to be seeing much more of her!!

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  1. Needing a groomer isn’t all bad, really. I have a standing appointment for my Jack Russell — I can bathe her but doing her claws is impossible, and I’m happy to let the groomer see to her anal glands. I’m on a budget so I shopped around for a good price. She’ll be worth it!

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I am so glad you decided to adopt Izzy!! From the first day you talked about her and Gannon, I knew he would be heartbroken if you had given her up!! I’m so glad she is a great friend to Rosie and helps calm Rosie (and you). I’m looking forward to seeing more about her, along with both dogs on the quilts!

  3. Jo, I spent the first half of this post thinking you were going to give Izzy back and was so relieved when you said you were keeping her! It was meant to be. She already brings so much love into your already loving family. I’m so pleased for you :-)

  4. My heart is absolutely so full for you and your family now that you say that you are going to adopt Izzy. I knew in my heart that she was your dog from the beginning. And you know what they say, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. She just really fits into your family. It was serendipity from the beginning!

  5. I am so happy for you…I’ve had my fingers crossed since Izzy came into your life that she would be there to stay♥️

  6. Congratulations. Izzy looks like my daughters mini Aussie doodle. My daughter is taking her dog to pet therapy classes. This is the third dog she has had trained to be a pet therapy dog. My daughter is a guidance counselor in a high school and the kids and staff love her dogs. Enjoy Izzy and Rosie.

  7. This makes me so happy! I can’t wait to hear the stories about her. I have an Izzy also. A Maltipoo who is a sweet sweet dog. Good luck!

  8. I could have easily burst into tears (got the prickly nose and eyes filled up) when you revealed that Izzy would be a permanent part of your family. I think she is very photogenic. Congratulations!
    We have a standing appointment to get our Jack Russell’s nails done. Just part of the routine and budget now.

  9. Congratulations to you and Izzy! I just knew the way you talked about her you would keep her. It was very important the kids and her would get along. I am so happy they did/do. My son adopted a puppy last year. She is blind. She sees with her heart. Granny just loves her to bits! The only extra care she needs is to be guided while walking outside. Other than that, people don’t even know she is blind. They are so worth adopting. She has brought so much joy to our family that we didn’t know we were missing. Again, congratulations and thank you for helping rescue a pup that needed you.

  10. The Good Lord works in mysterious ways! I am tickled that you all found each other. I have never chosen any of the pups in my entire life…they have always chosen me. Only one was a purebred, and he wandered into an open garage one rainy night, just exactly when I needed him. So happy for you all.

  11. I love this!! You loved her so much I kept wondering if you could give her up. I think we all were falling in love with her!

  12. All in favor say aye…..AYE!!!! Nay……(crickets). By overwhelming majority, the aye’s have it!! Congratulations, may it be a long and happy life together.

  13. Yeah! I am so happy for you. She seems to fit your family perfectly and knowing how much Gannon likes her and now the others, she is needed right where she is. She is a little doll so fits in perfectly – all your grandkids are little dolls too!

  14. I have had two of these little designer dogs, and I absolutely adored them. Mine were both blonde and they were rescues too. They are so easily trainable and they are calm dogs too. I’m glad you made the decision to keep her, it sounds like a win/win situation to me.

  15. Carmen Montmarquet

    I had a feeling you would keep her! She sounds perfect for you, Rosie and your family! Congratulations!!!

  16. Cheryl in St. Paul

    What a lucky puppy! What a blessing to find this new addition to your family. I love everything about this story. Congratulations!

  17. I knew in my heart that you were going to adopt Izzy. I could tell by the way you spoke about her and that your grandchildren loved her. She is one lucky pup to have found you and you her,
    Congratulations Izzy fir becoming a Kramer and Rosie too for having a new playmate.

  18. Glenda Fletcher

    I am so happy for you, Rosie, and the Kramer family for your new addition. I also was thinking and hoping
    with each post about Izzy that she was a good match even tho she wasn’t a beagle. I got tears in my eyes
    when you said you were going to keep her. Congratulations!!

  19. Pretty much from the start of you mentioning how much Gannon loved Izzy (and she returned the love), I wondered if she would be staying around. If not with you then with your family. So happy for you.

  20. Not all failures are a bad thing!
    As to photographing black animals, especially close-ups, I found that if I stay back and use the zoom, pictures came out far better, and showed details. If I did my first thought, to get close as possible, all I got was a black blob with eyes. I’ve had similar results when photographing anything dark, like fabric.

  21. Jo, all along I knew you were going to adopt her! I could tell from the way you wrote about her that you were in love! I’m so glad she’s a calming force for Rosie (and you) and that she provides the playmate that Rosie needs. Congratulations!

  22. I’m so happy for you & your whole family when I read your decision to adopt Izzy. It’s the best thing you could do. Like one of your followers said “God works in Mysterious Ways”. The stories of Gannon & Izzy made me think of how you really needed to have this dog in your family tugged at my heat. I’m just so happy for you all. Sending my happiest wishes & I can’t wait to hear about the coming adventures of grooming, walks, stitching, being with the grandchildren, etc. ❤️

  23. I am so glad you decided to adopt Izzy. You have given her a happy home. I would have felt so bad for sweet Gannon if he lost his buddy. She is such a cute little dog. She must have been trying really hard to fit in so you would keep her. Yay!

  24. I’m so happy for you. I’ve been meaning to write to you as every time you mentioned Izzy I thought she needed to stay with you.
    Congratulations to you. What a lucky dog Izzy is!

  25. Reading your blog posts each day about Izzy I kept thinking “THIS is THE dog for you!” — and so glad that you’ve decided you can’t let her go. She’s very, very smart & letting you all know that she loves you and wants to stay and I’m so glad that you all love her! What a happy ending!

  26. you know – a set of clippers is not overly pricey – and the first cut might not be show-quality, but you learn… believe it or not we have a kitty who gets mats, and we groom him down to the skin twice a year – and he is happy happy !

    1. Groomers go to school and in many states have to be licensed. I’ve had to fix many, many home “groom” sessions. Clippers get home and can easily burn an animal. The blades are very sharp and can easily cut an animal. Adding a house spot to and animals skin can Garner $$$ Vet bills. A good groomer has been trained how to look for/rid an animal of fleas/ticks, get be a proper bath/rinse. Safely and completely dry the dog, clean ears, cut nails, clean glands (tho some states don’t allow this, considered medical), brush teeth (some, not all offer this) clip, scissor and make your dog/cat look and smell like a the beautiful creatures that they are….all for $50-$75 or so every few months. Some dogs and most cats, especially long hairs, need to be brushed every day. Keeps them from getting matted and helps keep shedding to a minimum. Invest in the right comb/brush and a little time to keep the coat mat free.

  27. Marsha from Kansas

    When I saw the picture of Gannon and Izzy, I wondered how you could ever give her up. That was such a heartwarming picture. Congratulations on your new family member. And we get more Izzy and Rosie stories along with your other regular topics. So happy for you all.

  28. What a perfect addition to the family! She is cute as can be. I was getting ready to say I’d love to have her…but then I read to the end. :-( :-)
    We have always had Golden Retrievers and though they’re as sweet as can be, I am ready for a smaller dog with a lot less shedding. Our last Golden passed away in 2021 and we currently have our daughter’s Weimaraner (long story there; what a handful!) but he’s 14 now and in declining health, so once he’s gone I think I should finally be able to get the kind of dog I want after 30 years of big dogs. Don’t you agree??

  29. Jo great post. Was so relieved when you said you were adopting her. She had me on the post with Gannon. Then today’s post with the other grandkids made my day also. Good for Eli to learn dogs are fun. I also am happy to read her and Rosie are getting along fine. Then you listed all her good points. I was getting upset–she can’t let her go. What a relief to read you were keeping her. Love Rosie and now have Izzy to read about.

  30. Congratulations, Jo, and the entire family! I’ll bet Gannon will be over the moon!!
    I recently found out that you get the pet you need/the pet who needs you. After being pet free for nearly a year (after five greyhounds and seven cats over the years) we went to look at a little white cat. What we came home with was a black kitten and a tabby kitten! I never would’ve sought out either of those—in the past I’ve had more “fancy” cats, mostly Siamese—but these two told me they wanted to come home with us. They are great, they get along beautifully, and now they are both beautiful to me.
    I agree, black pets are hard to photograph! This is the first one I’ve ever had!

  31. So happy for you and Izzy! Her sweet little face looks just like our little Havenese … the exact same very dark eyes and nose. Enjoy! When we had a bichon frisée many years ago, I thought, “how hard can it be to cut a dog’s hair?” Haaaa! It’s hard! Some things are just worth paying someone who knows what they’re doing.

  32. I was so hoping you would decide to keep her! It was going to break Gannon’s heart if she had to go to another family. I’m so glad for you and for Izzy, too. This wasn’t a fail, this was meant to be.

  33. Ask the vet/groomer about the best brush for Izzy and one that be used by the grandkids. I bet they will want to help with brushing as well as the occasional wading pool baths.

    And, as others have mentioned, I am glad you are keeping Izzy since I think you would have had many sad kiddos if she left.

  34. Dear Jo,
    You just made my day. This dog bonded so quickly to the children and one can tell she just loves being right where she is. That alone is a keeper but to hear of her calming nature just makes my heart sing. You have made the right decision. I would hate to see her go anywhere else.

  35. I’ve been whispering in your ear from afar that you needed to be the one to adopt Izzie. Your whole family loves her and you would have regretted letting her go. Good wishes to all!!

  36. I’m so glad this story has a happy ending. I don’t think your grandchildren would have forgiven you if you had not decided to keep Izzy.

  37. haha I read the list thinking “it’s a shame one of the family doesn’t take her!” Than I saw you are = fantastic!
    Wonderful outcome for you and for Izzy too

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